Home Cities Why This One Minnesota City Is Unusually Beloved By Its Residents

Why This One Minnesota City Is Unusually Beloved By Its Residents

Why This One Minnesota City Is Unusually Beloved By Its Residents

An Economic Stronghold: Industry and Agriculture

Even though the Mayo Clinic, which employs about 30,000 people, forms the heart of Rochester’s economy, Rochester is also known for being an industrial and agricultural center, where important companies have established branches or subsidiaries.

One such company is IBM, whose Rochester Campus has been the home of highly recognized projects, such as Blue Gene and Roadrunner, as well as being the birthplace of the System I series.

On the other hand, Rochester is also known for its agriculture, which is a large contributor to the local economy in the form of the Seneca Foods processing plant.

Rochester is additionally home to thriving dairy production and the establishment of other companies focused on the processed foods industry.

A Front-Runner In Education

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Rochester public schools serve a student body of 16,300 children who attend 23 schools that cater to all levels from elementary to high school, and which are divided into three different attendance zones. But Rochester’s educational forte lies within its University Center, where the Rochester Community and Technical College shares space with a branch of the Winona State University.

Additionally, the University of Minnesota established its Rochester branch in the downtown portion of the city in 2006 after having served as a satellite institution for a little over a decade.

Rochester also houses the Crossroads College, as well as a large selection of branches from renowned institutions to suit all higher education needs. Amongst these, we can find the Cardinal Stritch University, the Minnesota School of Business, Augsburg College, Winona State University, and even the Mayo Medical School.

Activities and Events for Everybody

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Rochester is well-known for its impressive park system, which encompasses over 100 individual sites that comprise an area of 5 square miles.

The city also supports a network of paved trails that is approximately 85 miles long, where cyclists, joggers, and walkers enjoy the benevolent weather during a large portion of the year.

Additionally, Rochester is also the home of the southern terminus of the Douglas State Trail, which provides not only a historic view of the city’s past, but also a good hike for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Rochester is the proud home of the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial, which hosts a number of year round events to honor those who have served in our wars. The Quarry Hill Nature Center offers a variety of activities for people of all ages, from summer camps for children to some of the most spectacular hikes, as well as a good selection of informative and educational events.

Silver Lake, located in the heart of the city, is an artificial lake that once served as a cooling pond for the power plant, and is known for its peaceful environment and the flocks of Canadian geese that have made it a point to stop there during their southern migration.

For those who enjoy a quiet game of golf, Rochester houses three major courses, including the Willow Creek Golf Course, the Oak Summit Golf Course, and the Northern Hills Golf Course.

Every Thursday during the summer months, the city allows the local restaurants and a variety of artists to set up booths along First Avenue to show off their wares to those who are visiting the city. The event has become a great source of entertainment for attendees thanks to the stages that can be found intermingled with the booths.


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  1. Rochester is a pleasant, but by no means exciting, city. City leaders recognize the fact that its median age is well above similar cities of its size, and although the city attracts younger people, it has great difficulty retaining them. Take medical professionals, for example: lots of younger people train in Rochester, or begin their careers there, but once established, then often flee for larger cities such as Minneapolis, 90 minutes away.

  2. We love this city! We’re a fairly young family with young kids and Rochester is such a pleasant, easy, reliable place to live, work, play, homeschool, and worship. We can’t imagine living anywhere else.

  3. Global visitors to large cities often miss that which is unique to the local culture. Rochester has not yet lost its connection with agriculture, the mainstay of its local culture; but Rochester also provides many amenities of a metropolis without losing touch with its heart and soul.


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