Home Suburbs Why Nashua’s Poised To Be New England’s Leading Mid Sized City

Why Nashua’s Poised To Be New England’s Leading Mid Sized City

Why Nashua’s Poised To Be New England’s Leading Mid Sized City

Live Free or Die!

New Hampshire offers tax free shopping and no income tax for residents working in the state. With Nashua and surrounding communities becoming a shopping destination for much of New England, the no sales tax advantage will help the city to prosper and continue to attract more traffic. In fact, the Apple store at Nashua’s Pheasant Lane Mall is one of the highest grossing in New England due to the amount of out of state customers looking to save on sales tax.

The Merrimack Outlets – New premium outlets in south Merrimack, Nashua’s neighbor to the north. Shop sales tax free for designer brand goods such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Coach, Bloomingdales, Nike etc. The area around the outlets continues to grow and develop and will certainly see the addition of more restaurants and even more stores in the coming years.

Ample Green Space and Access to the Best of the “Great Outdoors”

The Mine Falls at Mine Falls Park, Nashua New Hampshire.JPG
Photo By Jane023Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Mine Falls Park

Nashua is unique in that it has a 325 acre park, known as Mine Falls, running through the heart of it. Nicely groomed trails and scenic vistas of the Nashua river and  its historic mills comprise this destination’s grandiloquent scenery . The park is a great place to escape on a walk or run, or to take the family to the athletic fields for some soccer or catch.

Mine Falls curls along the Nashua River and the canals, from Nashua High School South on the western side of the Everett Turnpike, all the way to the millyard on the eastern side of the turnpike. This is a massive tract of land ripe for exploration.

Nashua River Rail Trail

The Nashua River Rail Trail is a 12.5 mile paved trail running from Nashua down the Nashua River into Massachusetts. The trail is popular for leisure biking, walking and running. The trail runs through some very scenic swamps, woodland and fields. Be sure to bring your binoculars as it’s likely you will see some wildlife along the path at some point.

In addition to the natural beauty within Nashua’s borders, you also have access to some of the best nature has to offer, from the White Mountains and the lakes region (70 mins to the north), to the beaches of Hampton, Rye and the North Shore of Massachusetts (40 mins to the east).

Combining the best of nature with the bustle of a hip, culturally diverse city, Nashua most certainly will be widely considered one of the eminent New England destinations in less than 5 years.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting Nashua, Eben! Indeed, this is a great place to live, you’ll find everything you need for a great quality of life. With our newly elected mayor Jim Donchess leading – who was mayor when Nashua was twice voted the best place to live by Money Mngazine. One of the best things about Nashua is the cultural diversity that the city offers – and it’s authentic ethnic cuisines. And don’t forget to check out the mural and speakeasy on West Pearl Street. Come see and taste for yourself!

    1. The speakeasy that is failing because it is down town where everyone who lives has a hard time affording an 8 dollar beer?

      1. The speakeasy that has a line around he building and a 1-2 hour wait every Friday and Saturday? Is that the “failing” speakeasy you’re referring to?

  2. I’m always glad to see Nashua promoted, but the piece contains some errors. No interstate runs through Nashua – it’s US 3. Pigtale’s name was misspelled.

    There are indeed many wonderful eateries in Nashua, including Bagel Alley in the heart of downtown.


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