Home Suburbs Why Nashua’s Poised To Be New England’s Leading Mid Sized City

Why Nashua’s Poised To Be New England’s Leading Mid Sized City

Why Nashua’s Poised To Be New England’s Leading Mid Sized City

Restaurant Scene Equal to that of Any Large City

Nashua is home to many award winning eateries, cafes, and restaurants. There are three main areas for great food in Nashua – Historic Main Street, South Nashua, and Amherst Street, each offering a variety of cuisines and unique dining experiences.

Historic Main Street

If you’re looking for an afternoon/evening out on the town, then there is no better part of Nashua than Main Street, and the historic downtown area. With plenty of good options for a cocktail or bite within close walking distance. And now with Uber, easy transportation in and out without worrying about driving makes it all the more accessible.

Here are some of our favorite spots on Main Street:

Riverwalk Cafe and Music Bar – the newly renovated space at Riverwalk has a cozy atmosphere with a quiet, internet cafe vibe by day, and a dimly lit jazz club vibe by night. Offering coffee (freshly roasted in-house), teas, assorted pastries and baked goods, and sandwiches. Grab a cocktail or craft beer at night while watching some of the best jazz, blues, bluegrass, classical acts in the area. www.riverwalknashua.com

MT’s Local Kitchen and Wine Bar – MT’s Local (formerly Michael Timothy’s Bistro), offers a fresh take on a farm-to-table style restaurant. Offering local ingredients with upscale (but not pretentious) American cuisine, MT’s is nothing short of a cozy and inviting environment. Stop in for a drink at the bar, or sit in the warm dining area. www.mtslocal.com

Nashua Garden – This is a Nashua staple, and popular hangout for the younger generation. Nashua Garden is a “what you see is what you get” no frills style eatery, offering hot sandwiches and local brews. This spot is a favorite amongst locals, sporting memorabilia from Nashua’s high school and Boston’s pro teams. Nashua Garden website

Stella Blu – This cute little tapas bar offers some great cocktails and lively music performances. With a large bar and a casual atmosphere, this is the perfect spot to tuck yourself away into a corner with a friend, imbibe a cocktail or two, and enjoy some shared plates. www.stellablu-nh.com

jajaBelle’s Pastries and Coffee Shop – jajaBelles offers another option for a cafe on Main Street. Not as much interior space as Riverwalk, but offering a more European style cafe and pastry shop. Bright, airy, and cheerful, jajaBelle’s is the perfect pick me up for a day of shopping in the Main Street boutiques. www.jajabelles.com

South Nashua

South Nashua is a very popular shopping destination, with your standard big-box stores, wholesale retailers, and plenty of other options for filling all your shopping needs. The restaurant scene continues to grow along with the retail store offerings. Not necessarily the best place in Nashua to bar hop, but for a bite in between stores, or a relaxing dinner after a hectic day of fighting the crowds, there are some solid options to satisfy your well earned appetite.

Not Your Average Joes – a newer addition to the dining scene of South Nashua, Not Your Average Joes offers a large interior space with modern rustic design elements, such as copper and antique incandescent bulbs. Though NYAJ is a chain, it has enough local flare such as local beers that you feel as if you’re in a neighborhood upscale American pub. www.notyouraveragejoes.com

La Carretta – A little off the beaten path for the South Nashua shopping scene, but only a few minutes further up the road. La Carretta is arguably the best Mexican food in Nashua, serving authentic dishes in a fun and festive environment. Ask for a container of their fresh homemade salsa to go on your way out and continue to enjoy for days.

Amherst Street

Amherst Street is another area of Nashua that is well trafficked by shoppers. Don’t let the strip malls turn you off, there are several hidden gems nestled in between the specialty stores.

Cucina Toscana – Popularity of this restaurant has spread by word of mouth, which is a good thing because the interior is intimate, inviting, and accessible; consider it a great place for take-out or a date night. The kitchen offers some of the best Italian food in the area. www.cucinatoscananashua.com

Pigtail – With locally sourced ingredients, with the farms and partners displayed prominently on a large chalkboard, you know your food is fresh. Pigtail is a new addition to the Amherst Street area, with artisan flatbread pizzas, craft beer, and some unique salads, all served up in a rustic, warm interior. Don’t let the strip mall store front fool you, the atmosphere inside Pigtail is inviting, and not strip mall-ish in the least. www.pigtalepizza.com

Loads of New Development – Historic Main Street and the Mills

NashuaNH ClocktowerPlace.jpg
Photo By User:MagicpianoOwn work, GFDL

In recent years, Nashua has made an effort to improve and revitalize the downtown area, with new sidewalks and the extension of the river walk footpath. The Main Street area is clean and the storefronts are filled with family owned restaurants and cafes, and boutique stores offering jewelry, flowers, pastries, handmade goods.

There are currently nearly 30 acres of mill space along the Nashua River under development. This space will be mixed use with premium residential living, retail and commercial space for startups and other companies; in short, the millyard will see some major changes in the coming 2-3 years. The Broad St. Parkway, newly opened, also improved access to the downtown area and the historic mills. This will change the face of downtown, by bringing more traffic and businesses to the mills.



  1. Thanks for highlighting Nashua, Eben! Indeed, this is a great place to live, you’ll find everything you need for a great quality of life. With our newly elected mayor Jim Donchess leading – who was mayor when Nashua was twice voted the best place to live by Money Mngazine. One of the best things about Nashua is the cultural diversity that the city offers – and it’s authentic ethnic cuisines. And don’t forget to check out the mural and speakeasy on West Pearl Street. Come see and taste for yourself!

    1. The speakeasy that is failing because it is down town where everyone who lives has a hard time affording an 8 dollar beer?

      1. The speakeasy that has a line around he building and a 1-2 hour wait every Friday and Saturday? Is that the “failing” speakeasy you’re referring to?

  2. I’m always glad to see Nashua promoted, but the piece contains some errors. No interstate runs through Nashua – it’s US 3. Pigtale’s name was misspelled.

    There are indeed many wonderful eateries in Nashua, including Bagel Alley in the heart of downtown.


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