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Why Nashua’s Poised To Be New England’s Leading Mid Sized City

Why Nashua’s Poised To Be New England’s Leading Mid Sized City

Welcome to Nashua, a thriving New England community, with a diverse population, close access to Boston, an abundance of natural beauty; all while enjoying the tax benefits of the New Hampshire’s “Live free or die” mentality.

It’s no wonder of all the mid-sized cities across New England, Nashua is poised to become one of the top places to live over the next few years.

New Hampshire’s second most populous city, Nashua enjoys a close proximity to the Boston metro area, and strikes a perfect balance of commerce, arts, culture, fine dining, and the great outdoors.

Nashua Knows a Thing or Two about Industry

Once a thriving mill city during the Industrial Revolution and up until World War I, the city is now considered an important part of the greater Boston tech corridor, home to major players in the high tech and defense industries such as Oracle and BAE Systems, among others.

Nashua has no shortage of untapped potential, with nearly 30 acres of riverside mill space under development for mixed use from upscale residential apartments, to commercial and retail spaces. A new “parkway” opening at the end of 2015 offers even easier access from the major interstate to the historic downtown and the newly renovated mill spaces.

It is clear that the future is extremely bright for Nashua, a city that was twice named “Best Place to Live in America” by Money magazine (1987 and 1997). It is the only city to receive the number one ranking on two occasions.

Who would have thought all of this was sitting just north of the NH border? It’s no wonder why startup companies have their eye on Nashua real estate — easy access to top talent, a short drive from Boston, and massive tax advantages. Where do you see your next venture calling home?

Perfectly Situated and Equipped for Convenient Travel

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One of three major highways (Everett Turnpike – U.S. Route 3) connecting New Hampshire to Massachusetts runs right through the heart of Nashua north to south. This offers easy highway access to the vast majority of the city, and allows you to get into Boston by car in under an hour (under 45 minutes if you drive at the speed of the Mass drivers!).

An award winning bus line, The Boston Express, operating out of the Nashua Transportation Center at Exit 8, allows a quick and reliable method for getting into Boston’s South Station or Logan International Airport.

Additionally, NH legislature formed the New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority (NHRTA) to oversee passenger rail efforts that would connect the MBTA commuter rail from Lowell, MA through the “Capital Corridor” up to Concord, NH.

This would provide passenger rail straight to Boston’s North Station and would alleviate heavy commuter traffic on Everett Turnpike Rt. 3; it would also help to attract more young professionals to the area, allowing them to get easily in and out of Boston for work and social events without depending so heavily on a personal vehicle.

Nashua has Uber! Nashua was the first community in NH to adopt Uber and is now offering Uber X and Uber XL transportation around the city and into neighboring communities. For around $110 they’ll even drive to Logan!

Lastly, Nashua is 15 minutes from Manchester International Airport, a Southwest hub offering flights direct or with connections to most major cities in the U.S. and Canada.



  1. Thanks for highlighting Nashua, Eben! Indeed, this is a great place to live, you’ll find everything you need for a great quality of life. With our newly elected mayor Jim Donchess leading – who was mayor when Nashua was twice voted the best place to live by Money Mngazine. One of the best things about Nashua is the cultural diversity that the city offers – and it’s authentic ethnic cuisines. And don’t forget to check out the mural and speakeasy on West Pearl Street. Come see and taste for yourself!

    1. The speakeasy that is failing because it is down town where everyone who lives has a hard time affording an 8 dollar beer?

      1. The speakeasy that has a line around he building and a 1-2 hour wait every Friday and Saturday? Is that the “failing” speakeasy you’re referring to?

  2. I’m always glad to see Nashua promoted, but the piece contains some errors. No interstate runs through Nashua – it’s US 3. Pigtale’s name was misspelled.

    There are indeed many wonderful eateries in Nashua, including Bagel Alley in the heart of downtown.


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