Home Cities Wedded Bliss: America’s 10 Most Idyllic Honeymoon Locations

Wedded Bliss: America’s 10 Most Idyllic Honeymoon Locations

Wedded Bliss: America’s 10 Most Idyllic Honeymoon Locations

Choosing a wedding venue, planning a party for dozens or maybe hundreds of people, preparing to share your life with another person are all huge stressors. Oh and did I mention dealing with the in-laws? Never mind, we won’t go there. Wow, does this sound like fun??

Maybe not, but what should be the embodiment of fun is your honeymoon. The honeymoon should be dedicated to relaxation and enjoyment. And restoring your energy!

Enjoy Your Honeymoon Before Life Gets In The Way

Keep your vision of the honeymoon in mind as you shop around for different venues and locations. Pay particular attention to the atmosphere of the venue. Does it complement your post-wedding vibe?

Additionally, the honeymoon should be a time of decompression. Likely, you’ve experienced months of stressful planning and coordination leading up to your big day; this is your opportunity just to sit back, relax and have no agenda (unless of course you want one!).

Also, remember, you are taking a lifelong journey with your partner, and your honeymoon should represent the first of many new and exciting memories.

Without further ado, we introduce you to AU’s choice for the 10 best honeymoon destinations in the US.

10. Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Missouri photo
Photo by StuSeeger

For a mid-western honeymoon, consider Kansas City, Missouri. Known for its jazz and barbecue, Kansas City provides the perfect mix of activities to help any marriage begin well.

The Jefferson House Bed and Breakfast, located in downtown Kansas City, is a relaxed, yet refined place to stay. A 2015 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence winner, the Jefferson House offers a unique European flare in the heart of Kansas City’s Historic Westside.

You might also consider staying at the Ambassador Hotel with its modern furnishings and excellent location.

The nearby Kansas City Culinary Center offers more than 600 contemporary cooking classes for those interested in a group lesson.  Small intimate affairs and customized private cooking lessons are a wonderful activity for any couple.

Visit the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and have lunch in the Cafe Sebastienne.  Later, 0n your way to your lodgings stop by the Drop Bistro for happy hour and a simple supper.

The Somerset Ridge Winery is a family owned artisan orchard and winery that is about 20 miles south of Greater Kansas City. You can sample and buy the winery’s award-winning wines, and bring some back for a romantic dinner at the Inn or any of Kansas City’s critically acclaimed restaurants.



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