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Unravel America’s 10 Best Suburbs to Live In

Unravel America’s 10 Best Suburbs to Live In

8. Upper Arlington, OH

Ohio State University photo
Photo by marada

Upper Arlington is a wealthy suburb-city in Franklin County, Ohio. It is located on the northwest of the Columbus urban area. This suburb is a well-blended mixture of industry, government, and youthful culture emanating from Ohio State University.

The university brings a strong cultural and intellectual base in the city. Many businesses are attracted to Upper Arlington because of its central location to Columbus relative to other suburbs in the country. There is a strong tech presence and other big corporate names in the city.

Residents have access to the best healthcare providers in the nation, including the Ohio Health system, Nationwide Children Hospital and the OSU-Wexner Medical Center.

Upper Arlington is ranked as the best suburb in Central Ohio, second best in Ohio and third best in the United States by Business Insider in 2015. The city has an extensive and well-used community parks network with a rich passive and active recreational opportunities.

7. Livonia, MI

Livonia City Hall
Photo by Dave ParkerOwn work, CC BY 3.0

Livonia is a suburb in the northwest part of Wayne County, Michigan. It is one of the largest suburbs with a strong emphasis on public safety and the low tax rates in the entire county. It offers a wide range of traditional neighborhoods connected to the city by freeways, pubic services, great schools and a large, vibrant community.

Livonia’s Greenleaf initiative is meant to build a sustainable Livonia as “One City, One Planet and One Initiative.” It encourages energy conservation, efficiency and environmentally friendly practice in the suburb of Livonia, MI.

Besides schools, churches, colleges, parks, libraries, recreational centers, and St. Mary Mercy Hospital, Livonia has industrial and commercial sectors, shopping, and restaurants. The notable people in this suburb are athletes, politicians and administrators, commercial artists and musicians.


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