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Unravel America’s 10 Best Suburbs to Live In

Unravel America’s 10 Best Suburbs to Live In

Discovering the right suburb to live in can be a very challenging decision to make, especially without proper research.

The United States is full of places to live: cities, unique smaller towns and villages that people normally call home.

However, there are complicated questions with many – where will you feel at home? Where should you move?

We took a look at the many suburbs throughout the US to gain data for this evaluation. Making a list of just 10 great suburbs was not easy; we had to include the cities that demonstrated the most notable culture, festival, the arts, big business, recreation/parks, economy, amenities, crime rate, and quality of public and private education.

Without further ado, here are America’s 10 best suburbs to live in.

10. Wenatchee, WA

Wenatchee photo
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Wenatchee is a mountain gateway between the agricultural area of the Columbia Plateau and western Washington. The physical setting is very attractive and the original downtown area is pleasant with around 300 days of blue skies annually. The economy is mainly supported by forest and agricultural products.

The suburb is a home to various performing arts groups, including the Wenatchee Valley Symphony, the Performing Arts Center of Wenatchee, Columbia Chorale, Wenatchee Big Band, The Apollo Club, Wenatchee Valley Appleaires and much more.

Fine artists come together to share ideas in shows to present musicals and theatrical productions. If you love shows and live bands, then Wenatchee is the place for you.

This suburb and the surrounding areas offer numerous sports and recreational activities throughout the year. In fact, there are many facilities such as tennis club, an ice arena, an Olympic size swimming pool, several golf courses, soccer field, two skate parks and countless baseball diamond fields.

Boating and other water recreations are quite common. Notable people born in the city include: Actress Noreen Nash, Joe Frank, Dan Hamilton and Reynold, Gart J. Coleman, Sammy Charles White and Brad Lamm among others.

9. Palo Alto, CA

Stanford photo
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Palo Alto is a flat, family-oriented city with an elite education system and safe neighborhood streets. It is located on the northwest corner of Santa Clara County and spans about 25 miles of suburban terrain and reaches the peninsula hills of San Francisco.

In fact, it is the epicenter for the greater Silicon Valley.

The city was once a small town and agricultural valley of orchards; today, it has completely transformed into a technological and economic powerhouse as well as a cultural crossroads between Asia and America. The city notoriously boasts several of the worlds most beloved companies, including Google and Facebook.

The neighborhood is mainly served by the renowned Palo Alto unified school systems, which depends on Palo Alto and Gunn high schools as well as 16 different private schools. These schools have an amazing track record with an exceptional high student-teacher ratio, 1:15.

Palo Alto High School and Gunn High School are ranked 199th and 50th on Newsweek list of the best district schools respectively. It is also the home of the Stanford University: one of the best ranked universities in the United States of America.

The Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, organized by the city’s chamber of commerce, takes place yearly on tree-lined university Avenue, featuring over 250 crafters and artists whose display stands are placed back-to-back along the university avenue.

Home to a diverse and eclectic collection of professionals, notable people in this suburb include artists and entertainers, business leaders and entrepreneurs, writers, scientists, athletes, politicians and civil servants.


Jennifer Bruce Travel expert, writer for America Unraveled.


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