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The True Birthplace of American Independence

The True Birthplace of American Independence

Old New Hampshire, Grand, and Great

New Hampshire was proudly part of the wild ride to independence and has continued to develop and contribute in its unique way. It is a state known for its beauty; it has mountains, lakes, rivers and seacoast.

New Hampshire Rivers became popular places for mills with many mill cities growing up on the banks. The Merrimack River once turned more spindles than any other river in the world.

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The Amoskeag Manufacturing Company in Manchester became the largest cotton textile plant in the world, known for quality and quantity, but could not survive the changing modern times of the twentieth century. Today, the Amoskeag Mill houses many things including colleges, businesses, and a museum.

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The Nashua Manufacturing Company was incorporated in 1823 and was a significant part of the growth of Nashua. The city was designed along with the mill, which started its own bank to pay workers with its own currency! It was the largest mill, and now houses apartments and businesses, and like Manchester, the mill yard makes up a vibrant part of the city again.

Welcome to the Granite State (Bienvenue)

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Photo by Rahul S. Nair

It is easy to see why Captain James Mason wanted to settle here and why the colonists were so eager to fight for their rights to develop and protect this special place. The seacoast offers sandy beaches, surf for water sports, fishing, boating, and relaxation. The mountains provide hiking, skiing, and hunting. The lakes district provides hours of entertainment in and on the water.

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The state attracts entertainers in all locations. The New Hampshire Motor Speedway has hosted NASCAR racing since the early 1990’s as well as the longest-running motorcycle race in North America.

New Hampshire is still a major player in the political arena as well with the first in the Nation primary. Candidates from all parties must criss-cross the state in their quest for the presidency.

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It is a state that offers much and has always been willing to do what is needed. The state motto is “Live Free or Die”, and that’s the way people still roll up here. It’s a state that paid a price, but happily celebrates Independence Day even if people don’t fully appreciate the role she played.

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