The 10 Best Public Universities in New England

Alana Armstrong
New England has one of the best selections of universities and colleges in the world, and the public universities in particular are a stellar bunch. We chose our list of the 10 best public universities in New England based on the unique features of the campuses, the strength of their programs and their commitment to […]

Learning to Ski: The Top Five US Ski High Schools

Lana Pelly
Defined as the ultimate winter sports experience, skiing has soared in popularity so significantly that learning it has now been transformed into a burgeoning industry with a myriad of ski high schools opening up across the country to groom budding professional skiers. Many young ski enthusiasts dream of becoming a professional and as a result […]

Alaska: Where is the Millennial Gold Rush?

Jane Saxon
At the mention of Alaska my thoughts travel straight back to Jack London’s classic story of the tundra “Call of the Wild”.  In my mind’s eye, I can see the snow covered hills, rugged terrain, frozen glaciers and wild rivers.  And Buck, the dog. As far as I know, these things still exist in Alaska […]

Pours on the Prairie: Top Beers in the Midwestern States

Jamie Stewart
Iowa PseudoSue American Pale Ale – Toppling Goliath Brewing Company For me, the first thing I noticed about this PseudoSue American Pale Ale (5.8% ABV) brewed by Toppling Goliath Brewing Company, in Decorah, Iowa was its name. This American Pale Ale is named after the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil ever found.  The Brewer’s feel that […]

Here are the 10 Smartest Public Universities In the US

Jennifer Bruce
Deciding which public university is perfect for you can be an exceptionally challenging endeavor. The universities are constantly being ranked on everything: campus beauty, excellent facilities, powerful name recognition, students’ happiness and success of alums, world renowned facilities, professor & faculty prestige. However, the big question is: where should you go if you want to join the […]

Revealed: the 10 Best Cities to Raise a Family In the US

Michael Webster
When choosing to live in a city to raise a family, many seemingly great options present themselves. Cities with lower crime rates and more artistic & cultural vibrancy are good places to start. Parents often avoid living in cities that exclusively attract young retired professionals, instead focusing on the quality of the public education. Families […]

River Cruisin’ in the USA: Our 5 Favorite Ports

Liz Naughton
I’m sitting quietly, watching TV and all of a sudden up pops an ad for a European river cruise.  The destinations look romantic, the scenery beautiful, the smiling couples taste wine and other local delicacies.  Wow, I want to go.  Actually, I did go and I loved it! The trip got me thinking about American […]

The Top Ten Small Colleges in the US

Jamie Stewart
Small liberal arts colleges abound in the United States. Many offer high-quality academics and experiential activities that greatly enhance the college experience while preserving an intimate setting for learning. Our evaluations took into consideration student population of under 3,000 attendees, percentage acceptance, the total cost per year, average student debt upon graduation, average student salary […]

Clarion University: American Education At Its Finest

Athena Rivera
Academic Life Located approximately 80 miles from Pittsburgh, Clarion University is one of the best universities in the United States, offering over 100 academic programs that range from arts, education, and services, to business administration and health sciences. There are even 19 different graduate level master’s and doctorate programs in nursing, education, rehabilitation, speech pathology, […]

Beer Tasting at America’s Favorite Brew Festivals

Liz Naughton
Beer is one of the oldest beverages we enjoy, dating back to at least 5th millennium BC. Chemical tests on pottery show beer was produced 7,000 years ago in what is now Iran. By the 7th century AD, beer was being produced and sold by European monasteries. In 5400 BC Asia began brewing beer in […]

Why Ocala Is the Most Enchanting City In Florida

Steve Elliot
Quite possibly one of the most enchanting destinations in the entire Southeastern United States, Ocala, beloved by residents and tourists alike, is a city in Florida surrounded by natural attraction and farmland. The history of this city, as well as the contemporary stature, provides an intricate tale behind the making of a great American destination. […]

Bismarck, ND: Top of America’s Public School Systems

Alana Armstrong
Welcome to Bismarck. Bismarck, the capital of North Dakota (and is the second most populous city in North Dakota after Fargo), is home to one great public school system. And either causally (because we doubt it is a coincidence) this is coupled with high livability, a thorough respect for education and a number of local […]