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The Top Ten Most Peculiar Festivals in the US

The Top Ten Most Peculiar Festivals in the US

 #2 Cow Chip Throw and Festival – Prairie du Sac, WI

The Chip Throw and Festival totally fit into the category of being peculiar and fun. Here are a couple phrases from the promotional material about the cow chip throw – “Feces Flinging Fun Fest” or “No gloves, licking your hands is allowed to get a better grip.”

40,000 people will attend this Festival on Labor Day weekend. There is an awful lot going on at this festival: there is a 5K and 10K road race, there are arts and crafts, a children’s game tent, there is a children’s chip chucking, music, parade (Tournament of Chips Parade), adult chip throw, and a team throw, and Kids’ Pedal Pull.

The Parade starts everything off, and it features paper-mache floats of cows. The most outstanding sculpture is a 14-foot bovine named Cowabunga.

The featured event is the Cow Chip Throw. Anyone can participate in the chip throw. Have you ever thrown a frisbee? If the answer is yes, then you qualify for being a contestant of this premiere event. The record for the throw is 248 feet, and that throw took place in 1991. The cow chip is shaped like a frisbee and you grab with your bare hand and let it rip – so to speak. There is a kid’s throw as well as an adult event.

For the gamblers, there is always the Bovine Bingo. You place a bet on where the wandering cow will let a chip fall on a numbered grid created in a nearby field.

With this all said I don’t think you are wondering why the Cow Chip Throw Festival is clearly number two in the peculiar and fun festivals.

#1 Roadkill Cookoff and Autumn Harvest Festival – Marlinton, WV

Photo via wvexplorer.com

We have reached the number one pick of America Unraveled. West Virginia Roadkill Cook-Off and Autumn Festival has been chosen as the most peculiar and most fun Summer/Fall Festival in the Country.

Like so many small towns that host a Summer/Fall Festival, Marlinton is turned into a hub of activity at the Roadkill Cook-Off and Autumn Harvest Festival. This event has music, square dancing, over 80 craft and food vendors, the Possum Trot 5K road race, kids games, inflatable bounce toys, The Biscuit Bake-Off,  Horseshoe Tournament, Country Fair and of course the Roadkill Cook – Off.

The Cook – Off has been covered by the Food Network, the Travel Channel, the Discovery Channel, CNN and the Today Show.

If you are looking to taste some pretty exotic dishes, purchase your $1 tasting ticket or a $5 unlimited tasting ticket and get at it. Here are some of those exotic dishes – how about Squirrel Gravy over biscuits, Teriyaki Marinated Bear or Deer Sausage.  And these are just a few of your choices.

The 2015 winners of the cook – off were #1 The Ridge Runners’ “Catch Yer-Self, a Husband”.

Hillbilly Burgoo, #2 Cheers, Deers, and Mountaineers, “Busted Tailgate BBQ Macaroni and Cheese”, #3 Three Amigos, “Bear Butt Savory Stew”, and the People’s Choice was Pocahontas County High School’s “Kountry Kookin’ Hillbilly Chili”.

Many of the participants dress up in local costumes, and the flavor of the West Virginia rural culture is a part of the experience.Proceeds from the food booths at the Autumn Harvest Festival help to support local charities.

When you are done tasting and want to party, grab yourself a partner and “dosey – doe to “Mountain Folk Music”. Throughout the Festival there are traveling musicians playing the fiddle and guitars.

The last event of the day takes place at the Pocahontas County Opera House featuring the Hammons Musical Heritage Celebration.

There’s No Excuse, Do Something Peculiar and Fun This Summer.

There are so many wonderful events taking place in the Summer and Fall throughout this great country of ours, but these ten stand out because of their location, themes, and activities.

So if you have some adventure in your blood, there is still plenty of time to take in one of the Peculiar and Fun Festivals listed here, or maybe you can just attend a Summer/Fall event in your own home town. Either way, get hopping and enjoy the summer and early fall for many of us these two seasons are way too short.

Featured Image By Joe Mabel – Photo by Joe Mabel, CC BY-SA 3.0


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