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The Top Ten Most Peculiar Festivals in the US

The Top Ten Most Peculiar Festivals in the US

#5 Coon Dog Graveyard Labor Day Celebration – Tuscumbia, AL

On September 5, 2016, a celebration is sponsored by the Tennessee Valley Coon Hunters Association at the coon dog cemetery. At this celebration, you will find music, dancing, food, official Coon Dog T-shirts, cemetery pins, camouflage caps, arts and crafts and souvenirs.There is no charge for admission, and it begins at 1 PM and ends at 4 PM.

Deep in the woods of Colbert County is the Key Underwood Cemetery. A cemetery is a place where it is always quiet except on Labor Day. The quiet turns into a time of celebration, a celebration of loyal coon dogs.

Photo via alabama.travel
Photo via alabama.travel

It was on Labor Day in 1937 that Key Underwood buried his loyal coon dog, Troop, in an old cotton sack. Underwood chiseled the name of his dog on a sandstone chimney rock. It remains as a symbol of a man’s love of his dog. Underwood chose the spot because it was originally a hunting camp.

Statistics up to 2014 show that there are 300 dogs buried there. For a dog to be buried in Key Underwood Cemetery they have to be a pure blood coon dog. The folks who care for this cemetery will say that this cemetery rivals any human cemetery in history and love.

This cemetery is the only one of its kind in the world. It is part of the Freedom Hills Wildlife Management area and is protected by the state of Alabama.

If you are a lover of dogs and want to experience some of the cultures of rural Alabama, meet some of the hunters who love their coon dogs and have some fun at the same time, head to Tuscumbia, Alabama on Labor Day.

#4 Underwater Music Festival – The Florida Keys

Photo via www.keylargochamber.org
Photo via www.keylargochamber.org

The place of this unique and unusual Music Festival is Looe Key coral reef in the Florida Keys. The site of the concert is a National Marine Sanctuary.  Divers and snorkelers and boaters are the audiences of this underwater concert.

This peculiar event takes place the Saturday after July 4th.

The festival is meant to raise awareness about the Keys’ marine environment. The festival emphasizes reef preservation as Looe Key is the world’s third largest barrier reef.

Looe Key is the only coral reef barrier that is part of the continental US. And it’s the only place to enjoy this quirky event.

This is the 32nd annual concert, and it takes place from 10 AM to 2 PM. Participants swim along the barrier reef listening to music broadcast by a local radio station, and the music is piped through speakers attached underwater to boats above the reef. The songs range from Humpback Whales songs to Jimmy Buffett’s “Fins” to the Beatles’ Octopus Garden”.

The post event party features food, drink and discussions from those swimmers who swear they saw mermaids playing the instruments live under the sea.

The Underwater Festival is a time of fun, education and truly a unique experience.

 #3 Moxie Festival – Lisbon, ME

moxie photo
Photo by JeepersMedia

Moxie is Maine’s official soft drink – who knew? How about 50,000 people who come to the little town of Lisbon, ME and celebrate the official soft drink of Maine during this three day event that is called the Moxie Festival.

I am of the generation who remembers Moxie as one of the more popular soft drinks of my teenage years. Apparently, I am not alone. Moxie’s longevity and popularity come from its distinct and unique taste.

The Moxie Festival is Lisbon’s signature event drawing people from all over America and beyond our borders. The Festivities begin on Friday night with fireworks and a block party. It continues on Saturday with a pancake breakfast, 5K road race, the Moxie parade, with all kinds of floats, bands, and Moxie historic vehicles; one of note is a plane that is a replica of Charles Lindbergh’s “Spirit of St.Louis”, this plane is called “The Spirit of Moxie”’.

Real Moxie lovers take part in the Chug-n-Challenge or the Recipe Contest. Vendors hawk Moxie made items, while visitors spend time at a Petting Zoo and a Moxie concert in the local park.

One point of interest for the 5K enthusiasts is that this race brings out the best in runners including Olympic Champion and state resident Joan Benoit-Samuelson.

Sunday is the Moxie Car Show and the Moxie Day at Beaver Park.

Building a Festival around a soft drink is peculiar, but it also has been fun. If you are wondering what brings 50,000 people to Maine for three days – the Moxie Festival is just what you need to attend to find out for yourself – July 8 – July 10.


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