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The Top 10 SUNY Schools Ranked

The Top 10 SUNY Schools Ranked

The State University of New York (SUNY) is the largest university system in the US. SUNY is comprised of 64 institutions of higher learning, which include some of the preeminent research universities, medical centers, and liberal arts colleges in the nation.

Educating 463k students and with nearly 3 million alumni around the globe, SUNY clearly has one of the largest impacts of any university system in the world.

We’ve put together our list for the top schools in the SUNY system based on the quality of education, tuition costs, and other unique attributes of the various schools. Here’s our list of the Top 10 SUNY schools.

10. SUNY Purchase

Purchase State College photo
Photo by cisc1970

Also known as Purchase State College, the State University Of New York at Purchase is recognized as a unique school that combines liberal arts with traditional programs, making it a beacon for many creative arts and performance students throughout the East Coast.

Consistently being rated as one of the top best public schools for performing arts, Purchase requires its students to undergo a rigorous senior project in which they devote two semesters to an original study under the supervision of a mentor. Being around a conservatory, many of the college’s students dedicate countless hours to perfecting and crafting their art. Purchase abounds with students who epitomize the college’s diversity and distinct student body. Located on more than 500 acres in Westchester County, the campus is in a part of New York that can experience warm summers and cozy winters.

  • 2016 Tuition
  • New York State residents – $3,235.00
  • Out-of-state residents – $8,160.00

9. SUNY Potsdam

Potsdam photo
Photo by runJMrun

The state University of New York at Potsdam is a public college located in St. Lawrence County in the village of Potsdam. Founded in 1816, SUNY Potsdam is one of the 50 oldest institutions in the United States. With that notoriety, SUNY Potsdam has attracted many prospective army recruits, as it is partnered with the Army and Air Force Reserve Officer’s Training Corps. Students can apply for scholarships if they want to continue their education in the Army. Many students become commissioned officers in the United States military once they graduate.

The college’s mathematic department is deemed the “Potsdam Miracle,” as it has enjoyed unprecedented success under the leadership of Doctor Clarence F Stephens, who holds a Ph.D.  in mathematics. The department’s success has attracted would-be mathematicians, with 40 percent of the school’s honor students made up of mathematic majors.

  • 2016 Tuition
  • New York State residents – $6470
  • Out-of-state residents – $16,320




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