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America’s Adventure Capital – Ogden, Utah

America’s Adventure Capital – Ogden, Utah

Thrill Seekers Delight.

Ogden, arguably more than any other city, embodies the spirit of America’s wild past. Founded by trappers, Ogden is a city that exists on the boundaries of the storied frontier of our country’s history.

Finally “tamed” in 1844, the city has since existed as a hub for northern Utah and a jumping off point for some of the best outdoor adventure to be found in the country, if not the world.

The approach to Ogden is nothing short of breathtaking. Approaching from the south, as you make your way north of Salt Lake City into South Ogden, the Wasatch mountain peaks loom overhead, reaching menacingly skyward.

Depending on the season, the mountains will be snowcapped with jagged, rocky summits. It feels like you’re entering a fortress. Mountains buttress the city with elevations exceeding 12,000 feet, climbing over 6,000 feet from Ogden’s base elevation of 4,300.

Approaching from the east and you’ll wind your way perilously through a canyon pass with warnings of falling rocks marking the way.

Could you ask for a more dramatic entrance to a city? This sets the stage for your entire journey no matter what adventure you’re here to find.

Once in Ogden, you’ll immediately feel closer to civilization as the clean, easy to navigate, grid of streets takes you through the revitalized downtown to your destination. Named the 6th Best Place to Raise a Family in the US in 2010 by Forbes Magazine, Ogden offers a solid school system, affordable housing and plenty of opportunities for work.

Before You Kick off Your Adventure, Here are Some Heritage Sites Worth Seeing

Main Street Ogden photo
Photo by LivingLandscapeArchitecture

Ogden’s heritage is present all around you, from the Union Station Museum, Ogden’s historic train depot and the heart of downtown Ogden for nearly a century. The museum consists of four separate museum displays and two galleries all set on preserving the heritage of Utah and America’s West.

In line with Ogden’s untamed past, Historic 25th Street, known to locals as Salt Lake City’s devious little sister, stretches out away from the Union Station. 25th Street has done it’s best to play counter to Utah’s reputation as a conservative state, with nicknames such as “Notorious Two Bit Street” and “Electric Alley”. Today, 25th Street attracts over a million tourists annually, and is the heart of the historic Ogden downtown.

Representing a more recent era, the Hill Aerospace Museum is Ogden’s top attraction on TripAdvisor. The museum exhibits over 90 military aircraft, vehicles from aerospace missions, and weapons such as missiles, and munitions. The museum shows the history of the Hill Airforce base, the Air Force’s third largest base by size and population.


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