Home Cities This Year’s American “Fit-cation” Destination, Bar Harbor

This Year’s American “Fit-cation” Destination, Bar Harbor

This Year’s American “Fit-cation” Destination, Bar Harbor

Suggested Recreation for Your Fitcation

Day 1

Hike Cadillac Mountain. The hike will be invigorating and will get your heart pumping. You will definitely feel the burn as you scale the highest Mountain on the Eastern Coast. As you reach the top, you will have an unparalleled view of one of the most beautiful vistas in this country. You will see Frenchman’s Bay along with all the islands and peninsulas that make up this beautiful bay.

Bar Harbor photo
Photo by Sebastian Anthony

Cadillac Mountain is the most popular place to watch the sunrise or the sun set over Frenchman’s Bay. And if you stay as darkness descends upon Cadillac Mountain, you will see the heavens in all of their pristine glory. Shooting stars and the Man in the Moon seem so close that you could touch them. Night Owls will provide the background music of this twilight experience. Some folks will say that half the fun on Cadillac Mountain begins after dark.

Day 2


Get out your bike and get ready to explore the 47,000 acres of Acadia National Park on the beautiful carriage roads that stretch throughout the park.  Remember these wide gravel paths were made available by the Rockefeller family.  You will see beautiful forests, lakes, and streams and you want to explore Thunder Hole, Sand Beach, and Otter Cliff. You can also find the solitude that any fitcation should provide.  Time to think about getting in shape, both body and soul.

Day 3 AM

bar harbor downtown photo
Photo by InAweofGod’sCreation

It’s time to put on the running shoes on and discover the carriage roads that you did not explore yesterday. While you are running in the midst of Acadia’s forests, turn off the manufactured sound of your IPod and listen to the beauty of the natural sounds of the forest. Who knows what you might see while you are piling up the miles – moose, bear, chipmunks, white tail deer, beavers, porcupines, minks, muskrats, foxes, coyotes, and bobcats. These creatures are all there in this their natural habitat.

Day 3 PM

Tired from your morning run? It’s time for a change in the activities of our fitcation. It’s time to relax and go out on the water and experience Frenchman’s Bay up close and personal. So we will want to go into Bar Harbor and go to the Marina at the end of Main Street. There you can sign up for a tour of the marine life of Frenchman’s Bay.

Bar Harbor photo
Photo by ahisgett

Your cruise will take you out into Frenchman’s Bay where you will see puffins, lobsters, seals, pelagic seabirds, bald  eagles,  and island lighthouses. Viewing Acadia from a boat is something you will never forget. If you are looking for a longer stretch on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, a whale watch is for you. The arrangements for the watch are simple, and the trip is fulfilling.  If they come close to the boat, it could even be classified as exciting!

Day 4

bar harbor downtown photo
Photo by ahisgett

Water is on the docket today as well. Did you bring your kayak? If not, you can rent one.  Frenchman’s Bay is waiting for your personal exploration. If you are looking for some fresh water activity, then look for the Eagle Lake where you can fish or kayak or just take in the beauty of these bodies of water in the midst of this extensive forest.

Day 5

Schoodic Peninsula photo
Photo by cathyse97

You can’t leave Acadia and your fitcation without going to the Schoodic Peninsula, which can be reached by bike or car. Schoodic Peninsula is the only part of Acadia National Park that is on the mainland. It is far more secluded than Mt. Desert Island. It is known to be a “less traveled” portion of Acadia. There are 2,366 acres and to explore and views of the Atlantic that are unparalleled.

Schoodic Education and Research Center should be the final stop on your excursion to the eastern region of Acadia National Park. This research center is the largest of the 20 National Park Research Centers. It focuses on the scientific research in the park, teacher training, and educating students of the importance and value of our natural treasures.

Well, day 5 wraps up the days’ fitcation activities and now what about the nightlife?

Food and Nightlife in Bar Harbor

bar harbor downtown photo
Photo by Sangre-La.com

If you want to reward yourself for all the activities of your fitcation with some libation, there are many options for you. Just to name a few, Leary’s Landing Irish Pub, Atlantic Brewing Company, Paddy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant, McKays Public House, Finback Alehouse and many, many more excellent establishments.

Entertainment is also available: Improv Acadia brings improvised comedy to Bar Harbor. If you are looking for music, the  Thirsty Whale, the Small Town Bar and Geddy’s offer a variety of music by many local bands.

Wow, That Was a Quick Week


Bar Harbor photo
Photo by Me in ME

Well, that’s it, and I hope this week of fitcation will be one you will never forget. It has been a time of beautiful vistas on Cadillac Mountain looking out over Schoodic Peninsula, Frenchman’s Bay and the Acadia National Park. It has been a time of walking, running, hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing and bird watching.

It has been a time of solitude on the carriage roads or the top of Cadillac Mountain. Finally, it has been a time of relaxation at night with good food and drink and entertainment. Most importantly, it has been a time to recharge the batteries and experience one of the most beautiful places in the world, Bar Harbor, and Acadia National Park.

Featured Image – Some rights reserved by ahisgett


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