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This One City Is the Most Underrated On the West Coast

This One City Is the Most Underrated On the West Coast

Home to the Oregon State University and even President Obama’s Brother–in-Law, former Oregon State Beavers Head Basketball Coach Craig Robinson, Corvallis Oregon is perhaps the most underrated city on the west coast.

With that being said, let’s venture into the areas that really should make Corvallis shine.

Founded in 1868, Oregon State University underwent multiple name changes over the years. The university has multiple colleges on one campus offering a variety of specialties. The campus spreads across 400 manicured and inviting acres featuring antique buildings and breathtaking views.

The main campus has remained a cornerstone of the community for over 148 years; the community stands in supportive solidarity for their black and orange Beavers.

Historic Sites Abundant In Corvallis

Photograph of a house
Photo by 46percentOwn work, Public Domain

One noteworthy place that new visitors may want to visit within town limits listed on the National Register of Historic Places is the Charles Gaylord House, built in 1857; he was the owner of the first Sash and Door Company, a nationally recognized window supplier.

Another prominent site would be that of the Dr. Ralph Lyman Bosworth House, who without a doubt was the most impressive gentleman in the community during his era of 1920-1953.  He built a structure to the reputation of Corvallis; he was well educated and well versed in many fields, a Renaissance man of his time if you will.

The style, construction, and overall design of these two homes allow for a deeper understanding of two different centuries and the way Corvallis and the community remained faithful to its renaissance roots to a larger degree than most of its brother and sister counties. The intimate details of their construction require time and patience to appreciate.

Some of the best days spent in and around our area are along the countryside. In autumn, you will find the beauty of the leaves changing into an array of colors as you cycle Mary’s Peak.

You will not be alone; it is a favorite spot for those of us who enjoy the magnificent mountain views. Even with the tourist-feeling from out-of-town visitors journeying to experience the magic of the outdoors, the serenity of the area is not lost.

Just as in the cycling days, one can often be at odds with their decisions on whether to cycle or hike the day away. Choosing what to do with the day off from work is a priority, so it usually ends up that as a coin flip at home.


Vivian McDaniel Travel expert, writer for America Unraveled.


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