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The Top Eight College Homecoming Celebrations in America

The Top Eight College Homecoming Celebrations in America

6. Craft Beer Tasting Event, SUNY Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh, NY

Homecoming this year at Plattsburgh University is featuring a Craft Beer Tasting Event. This event is for alumni and students who are 21 and older.

The Plattsburgh Brewing Company will talk about the brewing of beer and beer’s popularity today.  Homecoming attendees will meet the brewmaster and learn about beer making from hops to barley to yeast. The end payoff: tasting some of the different beers brewed at Plattsburg Brewery.

The beers will range from light to dark, hoppy IPA’s to malty stouts, something there for every beer connoisseur. For $10 you get to try numerous great beers, and you receive your own SUNY Plattsburgh beer mug. What a great way to spend some time during this celebration of Homecoming with your fellow students or your alumni friends.

So after the Homecoming Bonfire and the Showing of Banners on Friday night, after the Campus Tour on Saturday morning, after the Women’s Soccer game, after the Alumni Men’s Rugby game, Women’s Alumni Rugby game, Women’s Alumni Hockey game, Women’s Alumni Basketball game,  Alumni Baseball game, Alumni Lacrosse game, and after Men’s Alumni Basketball game on Saturday afternoon…what better way to move into the evening activities than to taste some of the best beers in NY. I lift a pint and salute you Plattsburg University SUNY for your choice of Craft Beer Tasting as one of the great activities of your Homecoming this year.

5. Hobo Day, South Dakota State University

On first Hobo Day which occurred in 1912, the men grew beards and the women dressed as Indian maidens.  The day of the football game the entire student body went together to the railroad station to meet the opposing football team. The Hobo Day celebration was such a success that it is celebrating its 104th anniversary this year during Homecoming.

Homecoming at South Dakota State University has been declared to be “the largest one-day event in the state.” Here are some of the Hobo Day events:

The Hobo Day Parade includes floats that are made by the students. During the 1950’s one float was built with an outhouse on the back containing a student with his pants down around his ankles on the toilet. After several local newspapers referred to the students as “vulgar”,  the Hobo Day Committee stopped the admission of obscene and large floats. The parade ends with the Grand Pooba, who is the head of the Hobo Day Committee, riding through on the historic Bummobile. The Bummobile is a 1912 Ford Model T and has led the Hobo Day parade since 1938.

For the One Month Club competition males grow their beards out and the females grow out the hair on their legs. The winners are the male and female with the longest hair.

During “Paint the Town” various businesses downtown consent to have their windows painted. The painting team that is the most creative and shows the best school spirit wins.

For the Scavenger Hunt, each team receives a list of things to find around campus. One thing might be a piece of the Grand Pooba’s favorite candy.  The first team to find everything on the list wins the competition.

At the Bum Olympics teams compete in a number of “Hobo” athletics.

In the “Miss Homelycoming” competition, men compete in a beauty contest dressed as a woman and, you probably don’t want to think about this too long, there is also a swimsuit competition.

Hungry? The “Bum-A-Meal” activity encourages students to go into the community and eat a free meal courtesy of a local family.

At “The Bonfire” on Thursday night, the students gather for a pep rally around a large conflagration. A concert usually happens before or after the bonfire. Needless to say, there is a sizeable presence of the local fire department at this event.

Hobos ‘Can’ do it and Hobos vs. Hunger involves the collection of aluminum cans for donation to the can drive which focuses the student’s energy on a good cause.

Students enjoy Covert’s Talent show in which local talent appears after being selected at an audition.  Finally, the Hobo Day 5K, which is sponsored by the local running group the Prairie Striders, gives runners and walkers a chance to burn a little energy.

Wow, with all this happening, you can understand why this is the largest one-day event in the entire state of South Dakota.


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