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Here are the 10 Smartest Public Universities In the US

Here are the 10 Smartest Public Universities In the US

Deciding which public university is perfect for you can be an exceptionally challenging endeavor. The universities are constantly being ranked on everything: campus beauty, excellent facilities, powerful name recognition, students’ happiness and success of alums, world renowned facilities, professor & faculty prestige.

However, the big question is: where should you go if you want to join the ranks of one the most intelligent students in the United States of America? Here are the 10 most intelligent public universities in the US for the 2015-2016 academic years.

10. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech photo
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The Georgia Institute of Technology is a public university in Atlanta, Georgia. It is part of the university system of Georgia, and has satellite campuses in Savannah, France, Shanghai, Singapore and Athlone. The university is consistently ranked as one of the best public universities in the U.S.

The greatest strengths of Georgia Tech are in engineering and science; because of this, the institution frequently appears on the top engineering school rankings. The Tech’s undergraduate engineering program was ranked fourth and its graduate engineering program sixth by the U.S. News and World Report in 2015.

Many notable individuals in the United States once called Georgia Tech their home. Perhaps the most distinguished of which was Jimmy Carter, the former president of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize winner. Some alumni are CEOs of notable companies in the world.

9. The University of Vermont

UVM photo
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UVM is a public research institution founded in the 1790s and located between the green Adirondack mountains. It is among the oldest universities in the United States and one of the finest in New England.

UVM consists of seven undergraduate schools, a graduate college, an honors college, and a college of medicine.

It is ranked 89th in the U.S. News and World report’s 2016 national university rankings and 37th among public universities.

In 2015, America’s Top Colleges list by Forbes ranked UVM 156th overall, out of the 650 best public and private colleges and universities in the United States.

The Wall Street Journal placed the UVM 18th in a list of top 30 public universities for their success in placing students in the most prestigious business graduate, law and medical programs in the nation.

Among the ranks of the most notable people from UVM include: the Nobel Peace Prize winner-winning activist, Jody Williams, who campaigned against landmines; and educational philosopher, John Dewey; the film producer responsible for Babel and Malcolm X, Jon Kilik.

The students at this university benefit from its unique setting that combines the resources of a research university with friendly and close-knit environment. The renowned professors, not graduate assistants, are the teachers and advisors of the students.


Jennifer Bruce Travel expert, writer for America Unraveled.


    1. Yes, I would like to know the methodology behind these rankings. MIchigan should certainly be on this list, far above UCF. What did they use to measure “intelligence?”

    2. Michigan is not a “public university”. It’s not part of a state system, and most of its funding is from private sources, rather than state/federal.

      1. Actually, the University of Michigan most definitely *is* a public university. While it does have a tremedous endowment and very generous donors, the lack of state funding is entirely a function of politics for all education in the state of Michigan – it has nothing to do with it’s status as public or private.

      1. The University of Michigan most definitely is a public university. It is a state university as are Michigan State, Western Michigan, Central Michigan, Wayne State, Eastern Michigan, Northern Michigan, Ferris State, and several others.

    1. All these lists do is make people upset that they were left off. I graduated from Indiana University. And I believe it is a great public university. However many schools meet the criteria for best public university, including Michigan.

    1. As someone who choose UCF as their first choice (along with many friends who did the same) because of it’s top-tier programs in various different majors (Specifically I’m a CS major), I’m going to have to strongly disagree with you.

  1. Michigan is #10 in medicine, #8 in law, #6 in engineering, and #11 in business. One university, with a professional school in or near the top ten in every field. UCF? Really? Why do I get the impression that the person who put together this list went to Ohio State?

    1. Your comment alone proves Mich produces grads that just memorize crap pushed at them – research if Mich is private. Research if funding is private. Then delete your whining commentary in defeat.

  2. Come on now, number 8? Look at the actual stats, and you’ll find that Berkeley’s ranking should be much higher. Definitley some bias in your research.

  3. William & Mary left off the list and somehow Indiana is first? yeah this list was clearly written by someone with a subpar education because its way off base

  4. Well shoot! I guess the first man to walk on the moon and nobel prize winners couldn’t make the smart cut. ? clearly this is not accurate (Purdue University must have been mistaken as a private school. Common misconception)

  5. People. Who gives a crap. This single, arbitrary ranking list will not change anything. The writer draws our attention to some schools we might otherwise not consider. And she provides some unknown facts about each school which is the interesting takeaway from this article. That’s all this article should serve as. Your school is still number 1 and every other school sucks. Now go about your day.

  6. Who cares about MI. I lived there for 14 miserable years of my life. The real issue if IU #1. Go IU the best of the best

  7. The University of Michigan is a public school and is the #1 ranked public school in the Big 10 according to US News and several other rankings. Leavin out Michigan while including several schools that aren’t anywhere close makes this a complete farce.

  8. I understand that people feel loyal to their own school but there are legitimate ratings of universities using objective standards. The top public universities are the service academies, Michigan, Virginia, Berkeley and UCLA. People debate what order to rank them in but there is little debate which schools are on the list–except for this silly article.

  9. IU and Nebraska are the two bottom schools in the B10 for academics, so Im assuming this is satire.

    1. Ok that’s also not true. IU is far more competitive than Nebraska, Michigan State, or Iowa.

  10. Wow. As an IU grad I am flattered by this bogus ranking that places IU and Nebraska much higher than traditional public ivys. My girlfriend is a Heel and I will say that UNC students are far more intelligent than what I observed at IU. As a UW grad student I’ll also say that Wisconsin offers a lot that Indiana can’t keep up with. Appreciate the love, again graduated from IU with a degree in Math and Econ, but this list is such garbage.


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