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The #1 Up-And-Coming Liberal Arts College

The #1 Up-And-Coming Liberal Arts College

Berry College in Floyd County, Georgia is topping everyone’s list as the #1 up-and-coming liberal arts college and we can definitely see why.

Known for being the largest contiguous campus in the country, with approximately 27,000 acres of forests, fields, and the beautiful Lavender Mountains, Berry College’s outdoor areas offer everything from hunting and hiking to horseback riding and disc golf.

Of course, the outdoor amusements (open to students and community alike) are not the primary reason that this school has achieved such a high distinction (though it probably doesn’t hurt). Berry College is actually known for several other feats as well.

Introduction to Berry College

Berry College photo
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A private, four-year college accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Berry College was founded in 1902 by Martha Berry.

Since then, it has grown to host over 2,100 undergraduate and 100 graduate students in 36 different programs of undergraduate study. The programs are offered through the Campbell School of Business, the Charter School of Education and Human Services, the Evans School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences and the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences. The school also offers three programs for master’s degree study.

For those people looking to continue their education with a professional degree there are six Pre-professional degrees offered at Berry including Pre-Law, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy.

There are also two different dual degree programs, engineering and nursing, with three different local universities, the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Kennesaw State University Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology and Emory University School of Nursing.

The Academic Life

There are actually several benefits to the academic aspects of this school too, some of them being small class sizes (approximately 12:1 on average) and one-on-one counseling in study skills and time management.

There are free tutoring services offered for all students and an honors program for those looking to challenge themselves even more throughout their degree program, which means that the programs can apply to absolutely anyone.

The majority of the students in the school are female at a ratio of approximately 66:34 and represent a total of 33 different states and 17 different countries, bringing a worldview to Berry College that improves class discussion and immersion.

Nearly all students at Berry College receive some type of financial aid, which means anyone is able to come to this great school and get the amazing experience. In fact, approximately 98% of undergraduate students receive some type of aid.

Scholarships are available on both merit and need bases and a total of $32.5 million was awarded last year to the approximately 2,000 students enrolled at the school. Students are provided the opportunity to receive work-based aid as well and to take a position working with the university (which is discussed more below), no matter what the financial situation of themselves or their family.

A resounding 95% of faculty within the university have a Ph.D. or equivalent and therefore have proven themselves strongly in their fields, improving the quality of education provided at Berry College.

Upon graduation, students from Berry College are known to work in high power and executive positions throughout a range of different job fields. Which means this is definitely a school that’s preparing its students for the future.


Athena Rivera Travel expert, writer for America Unraveled.


  1. Love your article about Berry College! I was privileged to attend there for all four years! Your article is one of the best I have ever read about Berry! It is difficult to describe the beauty and the majesty of the campus if one has never seen it. Is it possible for me to get the issue of America Unraveled in which this article appears or a copy of the article?


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