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Christmas Celebrations at America’s Top Ten Living Museums

Liz Naughton
Hunting for Christmas Past Starlit skies and candlelit paths, no cars, fresh air, wreaths and garland made with local greens and fruit in doorways and on window sills. The smell of cinnamon, cloves, ginger and a wood fire fill the air. Town folk dressed in period attire walk past. Some stop, chat and provide insight […]

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Learning to Ski: The Top Five US Ski High Schools

Lana Pelly
Defined as the ultimate winter sports experience, skiing has soared in popularity so significantly that learning it has now been transformed into a burgeoning industry with a myriad of ski high schools opening up across the country to groom budding professional skiers. Many young ski enthusiasts dream of becoming a professional and as a result […]

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The Top Five Colleges for Environmental Education

Alana Armstrong
We use things learned in environmental education classes to do everything we do during the day, from choosing the correct receptacle for our refuse to how we navigate our way to work. What’s more, a lot of the decisions we make throughout the day create pollution. So, why isn’t everyone using energy sources in smarter […]

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Leaf Peeping Locations: Here Are Our Top Ten in the US

Alan Lee
Leaf Peeping? Really? Leaf peeping – it sounds rather scandalous, but most Americans know it’s nothing of the sort. Instead, it is a playful name for the practice of visiting places where the foliage changes color in the fall. The views are often breathtaking and the local atmosphere can provide interested individuals with plenty of […]

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A Brew Cruise Through New England: Sampling Beers of the New England States

Demitri Soykovitch
The Deep South is not the only hops haven in the US.  The Pilgrims were drinking beer all the way back to 1620, so it’s not surprising that New England has more than embraced the craft beer industry. There are just too many good beers deserving recognition across the New England states. For this article (there […]

Ten Intriguing Facts About New England’s Most Iconic College Town

Island Life in the Northeast – New England’s Island Getaway’s

Lana Pelly
Most people envisage a tropical paradise in a far away land when they think of an island getaway or retreat. What if you knew that a picturesque haven was just around the corner from you? No traveling across continents! No issues with entry visas! And no expensive airfares anymore! Doesn’t that sound appealing? Sequestered in […]

Ten Intriguing Facts About New England’s Most Iconic College Town

America’s 10 Most Unique State Capitals

Lana Pelly
A state capital is often portrayed as the principal city and constitutional capital, acting as a hub spot for government activities and seats for political power. State capitals are typically well decorated with historic landmarks, as a representation of the state. But some state capitals have the distinction of being truly unique and unmatched in […]

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Bucket List: America’s Five Most Unforgettable (and fun!) Marathons

Jamie Stewart
Marathons have been around for thousands of years. If we believe the ancient story of the origin of the marathon, it was named after the fabled Greek Soldier Pheidippides who carried the message of Athens victory over Sparta from the battlefield of Marathon to the city of Athens. The distance between the battlefield and Athens […]

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How This Vermont City is Redefining the Meaning of “Green”

Eben Daugherty
The state of Vermont has always been at the forefront of environmental protection, and sustainability movements in the US. The state’s largest city Burlington has made major strides over the years championing green initiatives and setting a high benchmark for the rest of the country. One of the largest milestones is the city’s complete non-reliance on unsustainable energy sources. […]

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These Are America’s Most Irish Small Cities

Steve Elliot
With St. Patrick’s Day only hours away, we thought it would be interesting to do some research into America’s Irish heritage, and highlight some smaller cities around the country that truly embody the Irish-American spirit. We all know major cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago have a high density of Irish-Americans in their population, and […]

Revealed: the 10 Best Cities to Raise a Family In the US

Here are the 10 Smartest Public Universities In the US

Jennifer Bruce
Deciding which public university is perfect for you can be an exceptionally challenging endeavor. The universities are constantly being ranked on everything: campus beauty, excellent facilities, powerful name recognition, students’ happiness and success of alums, world renowned facilities, professor & faculty prestige. However, the big question is: where should you go if you want to join the […]

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