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Sampling Brews in the Mid-Atlantic States: Our Top Picks

Sampling Brews in the Mid-Atlantic States: Our Top Picks


60 Minute IPA – Dogfish Head Craft Brewers

60 Minute IPA brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewers, located in Milton, Delaware,  is the standard for balanced and precise IPA’s. 60 Minute IPA is hoppy, no question about it, but bear in mind that is why this beer was picked as the number one beer in Delaware by America Unraveled. The hops that are brewed in making this beer are Northwest hops. This IPA has been described as a “powerful but balanced East Coast IPA with a citrusy hop character”.

When you pour the 60 Minute IPA (6.0% ABV) into a pint glass, it has a yellow-golden, clear coloring and the head is thick and frothy. It has a distinct hop smell and has the bitterness of an IPA, but not overdone. One of the reviews of the 60 Minute LPA states, “This beer was brewed to perfection.” In my experience the 60 Minute IPA is not only the best IPA in Delaware, but one of the top IPA’s in the Northeast.


Gonzo Imperial Porter – Flying Dog Brewery

Gonzo Imperial Porter (9.2% ABV) brewed by Flying Dog Brewery, Frederick, Maryland, is a full bodied, creamy, and heavy Porter. When it is poured into a pint glass it is pitch black with a solid dark brown head. It has a “roasty chocolate” flavor when it is first tasted and has a medium body and carbonation. It truly is a porter, but could at times be considered a hoppy forward black Ale.

The feel is full bodied and slightly crisp on the tongue. One recorded opinion on Gonzo Imperial Porter states, “Very balanced, highly nuanced, a must have for any and fans of this style of beer.” We at America Unraveled agree with this opinion and that is why we picked Flying Dog Brewery’s Gonzo Imperial Porter as Maryland’s number one beer.


Hardywood Ginger Stout – Hardywood Park Craft Brewers

It’s cold out and you look forward to getting inside and sitting by the fire to enjoy a spirited stout that has the taste and smell of Christmas. So you go to the cooler and pull out the number one beer in Virginia, Hardywood Ginger Stout (9.2% ABV). Based upon our own experience and the many of you who have tasted this stout, America Unraveled named this beer as the number one beer in Virginia.

Hardywood Ginger Stout is brewed with baby ginger from Casselmonte Farms and wildflower honey from Bearers Farms. The Hardywood Park Craft Brewers, Richmond, Virginia, capture the tastes of central Virginia in this Stout beer. When you pour this stout in a pint glass it comes out deep, dark chocolate in color and with a frothy, caramel colored head. It smells like its name – liquid ginger bread in a glass. This Stout is a full bodied, mildly sweet and spicy and has a sense of warmth to it. One responder wrote this, “This is a dangerous drinker it is so good you don’t get the alcohol”. This is a beer that is creatively made by Hardywood Park Craft Brewery.

West Virginia

Mothman Black IPA – Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company

If you like IPA’s, then Mothman Black IPA will not disappoint. In fact, Mothman Black IPA, brewed by the Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company, Maxwelton, West Virginia, has been rated by America Unraveled as the number one beer in West Virginia.

In my experience, Mothman Black IPA (6.7% ABV) pours black and gives you a caramel-colored head as it fills your pint glass. Like all IPA’s the aroma is hoppy, but not over the top and the foundation of aroma is clearly the Amarillo hops. Mothman Black IPA has a nice taste, a combination of hops, light roast, and light chocolate notes. I found it to be easy drinking, really low key and refreshing. I think this is a classic IPA and a great looking brew. One other observation is that there is great art work on the can with the enormous Mothman display. I think it is very cool.



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