Home Suburbs Revealed: the 10 Best Cities to Raise a Family In the US

Revealed: the 10 Best Cities to Raise a Family In the US

Revealed: the 10 Best Cities to Raise a Family In the US

3. Ridgefield, CT

Parents who are looking for the absolute safest city in all of the United States should consider Ridgefield, CT, which has managed to earn that coveted distinction on multiple occasions. This is a community and town that has been around for over three hundred years now, and it has managed to develop a very stable community in the process.

Over a third of the population consists of families that have young children living with them at home, so lots of parents have also managed to see the benefits of living in this area for themselves and for their children.

Connecticut has had a positive reputation for being an upper class area that is safe for children, and Ridgefield, CT is clearly one of the best areas that parents can choose for their kids.

2. Saint George, UT

Saint George Utah photo
Photo by ricketyus

Utah is not the sort of area that attracts a lot of attention in the United States, but that might manage to change as a result of the reputation of this city. It has a very low crime rate, which is actually common in the very underrated state of Utah in the first place. That area places a great deal of emphasis on education, so the parents who are trying to give their kids the best possible chances in life are going to find a local population that is going to sympathize with their goals.

They will be able to find plenty of outdoor activities in an area known for its climate and its beautiful outdoor scenery, which is certainly not the case for plenty of the other cities that are otherwise great for children and for their families. The people who have always loved the culture of the American West and the beautiful areas within the American west in general should certainly keep in mind everything that they might be missing by neglecting this particularly beautiful city within the state of Utah. Few cities are going to measure up to what it can offer.

1. Keller, TX

Keller Town Hall
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Individuals who are looking for one of the greatest places in Texas to raise children should definitely check out this city. Lots of people love the state of Texas, and this is an affluent city that manages to rise above the rest in a lot of very important ways. It has fantastic schools in a state that is not always famous for having great schools.

Parents who care about an area where a lot of people are very patriotic and interested in what is going on in the nation are certainly going to manage to find it here.

The crime rate is very low and the local population is very interested in making sure that it stays that way as long as possible and for as well as possible. There are plenty of families with young children here; the median age is low enough that parents are going to find plenty of people of similar interests and hobbies.

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