Home States Pours on the Prairie: Top Beers in the Midwestern States

Pours on the Prairie: Top Beers in the Midwestern States

Pours on the Prairie: Top Beers in the Midwestern States


Burning Skye Scottish Ale – Empyrean Brewing Company

Burning Sky Scottish Ale, brewed in Lincoln, is crafted in the Scottish tradition. This results in an ale that is sweet with a smoke character. American hops and European and American barley are used in its brewing. My experience of this Scottish Ale is that it is very drinkable, and it reminds me of the Scottish Ales I enjoyed while I traveled throughout Scotland stopping in many different Scottish pubs.

It is because of this comparison that American Unraveled has picked Burning Skye Scottish Ale as the number one beer in Nebraska. When you pour Burning Sky into a pint glass, it has a nice copper color and an off white head. The aroma is clear caramel with bready overtures. The taste is not too sweet, and the malts bring out the roasted flavors and a subtle smoke finish. You will enjoy this beer and with a 5.3% ABV, it makes a good session beer.

North Dakota

Iron Horse American Pale Ale – Fargo Brewing Company

Iron Horse (4.8%) is a grain based APA. The aroma of this excellent APA is tropical, citrus, and grapefruit and the hops seem to dominate the aroma. This is a pale ale that is loaded with flavors. It has a nice balance of hops, malt, and piney bittering.

In the opinion of American Unraveled, Iron Horse, brewed in Fargo, is a robust, very smooth, easy to drink American Pale Ale. That is why this beer has been picked to be the number one beer in North Dakota.

South Dakota

Pile O’ Dirt Porter – Crow Peak Brewing Company

Pile O’ Dirt (6.0% ABV) is without question a tasty and smooth porter. When this porter is poured into a pint glass it a dark brown color with a tan head. The aroma is wonderful with chocolate, coffee, cocoa, caramel emanating from the poured porter. I would describe the porter as robust and gives off a nice flavor that highlights the roasted chocolate malts. And in the end, there is a nice ending dryness.

Pile O’ Dirt strikes a nice balance between the hops and the malt and it is smooth and easy to drink. This is an excellent porter that goes down easy and a beer that you need to try. We at America Unraveled have selected Pile O’ Dirt Porter, crafted in Spearfish,  as the number one beer in South Dakota.



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