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Off to Camp: The 5 Most Interesting Summer Camps for Grown Ups

Off to Camp: The 5 Most Interesting Summer Camps for Grown Ups

1. Arizona Cowboy College

Hard to believe, but maybe you still haven’t been inspired to sign up, so here is one last camp that has to convince you to bring out your inner elementary schooler. No inhibitions, just fascination, and fantasy. Arizona Cowboy College. What? Cowboy College? No, I have never even sat on a horse before. No worries. That is what cowboy school is for.

Back in 2003 to 2007, there was a reality TV show that hosted eight inept Cowboys each week on a ranch where they learned to ride and got a chance to compete in a rodeo for a $25,000 prize.

Image via www.cowboycollege.com

Participants spent three weeks overcoming the challenges of living life without the extras. They had to wrangle calves, ride bulls, shoot, chase pigs, and ride cows to name just a few fun lessons.

People who out-performed their counterparts got warm baths or showers as a prize. Those not performing had to add special chores like shoveling out the horse barn to their day. At the end of their stay, participants took part in a two-day trail ride to herd cattle to the ranch. If those contestants can do it on TV, then you can do it!

Lori Bridwell, the wife of the late Lloyd Bridwell, runs Arizona Cowboy College in Scottsdale, Arizona. Lloyd and Rocco Wachman spent years creating the curriculum for Cowboy College.

The miracle-working staff can take a person who has had no experience and teach them to ride in a matter of a few days. Camp offers you a chance to learn horsemanship and ranching from people who live the life. Learn to ride English or Western-you’ll figure out what that means at school.

You can go for one day, three days, or five days. Go for a few days and sample what is covered over the five-day session if you have a limited vacation. Let them know what you want to learn and Rocco will take it from there.

You get to be part of a working ranch, which requires some flexibility as life with animals is always fluid. There are usually six people in class, but private sessions can be scheduled for groups of three or more.

Learn about cattle breeds, diseases, branding, roping, ranch management and shoeing, to name just a few things. Picture yourself sitting atop a muscular dark brown horse, galloping over the range, chasing down cows and herding them onto the ranch. Dust is flying, official cowboy hat and boots, reins in hand as you rope a dogie and live your dream. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? You bet.

Learn more – www.cowboycollege.com

No Excuses, Pack Your Sleeping Bag.

Don’t sit home this summer, join the fun at adult camp. You have to admit that these few choices have you wondering why you haven’t booked a week somewhere. Meet friends and have fun at WeWork. Live your musical dream at Tritone. Learn to play tennis and enjoy good wine and food at the Walla Walla Tennis and Wine Camp. Find the artist that hides inside at Haystack Mountain Summer Camp. Or, learn to be a cowboy, so cool, at the Arizona Cowboy Camp. Come on; camp isn’t what it used to be.

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