Home Suburbs Off to Camp: The 5 Most Interesting Summer Camps for Grown Ups

Off to Camp: The 5 Most Interesting Summer Camps for Grown Ups

Off to Camp: The 5 Most Interesting Summer Camps for Grown Ups

Going To Camp Just Isn’t Like It Used To Be.

Summer is here, and you have nothing exciting planned. Your friends are heading to exotic islands and far away places, and you are planning to work all summer, except to see fireworks on the 4th. Really? Come on. Stop sulking and sign up for summer camp. Make friends and try something you have never done before, or make friends doing something you love.

5.  WeWork Summer Camp

How about heading to the gorgeous Adirondacks in upstate New York to be part of the fun and learning at WeWork Summer Camp? Just heading to the Adirondacks offers plenty of activities and inspiration. You can go hiking, kayaking, and canoeing or drive along the scenic roadways.

2016 WeWork Summer Camp Trailer from WeWork on Vimeo.

But, maybe a weekend at WeWork is just what you need to unlock the creative parts of your brain. WeWork is a place for entrepreneurs to rent space to work and connect, and WeWork offers its members a chance to go to camp. According to WeWork, their philosophy is grounded in the belief that coming together creates a product or impact that is greater than it would be from individual contributors.

Meeting people with diverse interests and experiences opens our minds and sets us on the path to becoming who we want to be. So, bringing people together in the beautiful Adirondacks for some recharging and fun seems like a great way to accomplish that goal.

WeWork Summer Camp sprawls across two children’s camps with the sites being separated by a lake. Individuals and companies are welcome. You travel by boat from one site to the other.

This is a weekend-long adventure designed to give space and time for fitness, networking, camp fun, a music festival all with an open bar. Imagine, after a hard day of archery, yoga, swimming contests, and making new friends you enjoy great music and then top it all off with a bonfire and snacks.

Forget the whole work eighteen hours a day thing and relax. Work hard, play hard. Sounds so fun! And let’s face it, you never know where a conversation can lead, who you might meet and what piece of the puzzle they may help you with. Be open to the experience of sleeping in a bunk bed or tent, and try camp. Great results may be your reward.

It’s only for a weekend, and this place is like Woodstock for entrepreneurs. How can you not join in?

Learn more – summercamp.wework.com

4.  Walla Walla Tennis and Wine Camps

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Image via www.tennisandwinecamps.com

Work camp doesn’t sound fun? Well, what about Walla Walla Tennis and Wine Camps at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington?

A lot gets packed into these four day camps, such as over twelve hours of on-court instruction, games, and drills with nationally recognized coaches that take place on six outdoor or four indoor courts in the morning, then you can take advantage of the special afternoon tennis offerings or wellness workshops such as yoga, go for a walking tour or head downtown for wine tasting.

Image via www.tennisandwinecamps.com

Walla Walla is well known for food and wine. You will be chauffeured to all wine events so no need to find a DD. There are catered breakfast and lunch options and three winemaker dinners.

Campers arrive on Thursday and register, participate in evaluation drills and games, and a Welcome dinner. Camp wraps up on Sunday after morning play, boxed lunches courtside and final evaluations. All levels are welcome.

The scenery is breathtaking, and the town of Walla Walla is very picturesque nestled into the southeast corner of Washington state. The area provides lots of inspiration and events to make your visit to tennis camp even better. This must be why they say “Love” in tennis.

Learn more – www.tennisandwinecamps.com



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