Home Cities Why Missoula Might Be America’s Top Millennial Destination

Why Missoula Might Be America’s Top Millennial Destination

Why Missoula Might Be America’s Top Millennial Destination

Craft Beer

Missoula Craft Beer Week is a collection of events celebrating Missoula’s burgeoning craft beer culture.  Missoula Craft Beer Week is hosted by Craft Beer Promotions LLC and is popular among University students and long-time Montana residents.

Typically, Craft Beer Week takes place in late Spring and includes a Brews Cruise poker run, a football tournament, a shuffleboard tournament, a car show, a Bacon n’ Beer brunch, and a Crossfit competition.

Here are some of the notable local breweries for you to consider visiting:

Bayern Brewing – the only German microbrewery in the Rockies.

Big Sky Brewing Company – known for its ales but they do toss in some lagers to mix things up.

Draught Works – Newest Brewery in Missoula – known for its family friendly atmosphere offering great beer, root beer, and ginger ale.

Flathead Lake Brewing Company – known for its three floors of viewing space for sports and your drinking pleasure – famous for its Centennial Pale Ale.

Great Burn Brewing – known for it family friendly atmosphere and featuring Church Picnic Cream Ale.

Kettlehouse Brewing Company – choose between two locations Kettlehouse North or Kettlehouse South – known for Cold Smoke Scotch Ale.

Missoula Brewing Company – known for brewing Montana’s oldest beer brand, Highlander.

Tamarack Brewing – catch the game here and try the 8 to 10 beer sampler.

University of Montana

University of montana photo
Photo by jitze

Because they promised never to challenge the city of Helena, Montana to become the state capital, Missoula was granted the right in 1893 to be the home of the state University. The University of Montana is, therefore, the oldest institute of higher learning in the state.

It invites prospective students to “Receive a world-class education in the heart of the West.”  Also, the University of Montana Grizzlies are competitive and fun to watch as they compete in the various sports genres.


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