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So You Messed Up in High School: 10 Great Colleges That Are Looking For You

So You Messed Up in High School: 10 Great Colleges That Are Looking For You

2. University of Oregon

The University of Oregon is a public flagship research university located in Eugene, Oregon. The university was founded in 1876. The university was admitted to the Association of American Universities in 1969. There are over 20,500 undergraduate students attending UO.

The campus is located near the Willamette River, the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, It is a 2 hour drive from the campus to Portland. There are all kinds of things happening at UO for the student body. There are 250 student groups on campus, there is a Speech and Drama team, there is a variety of student – run and student – created media opportunities, there are cappella groups, there is a day set aside every year for students and faculty to beautify the campus, there is the hike up Skinner Butte and the Canoe Fete.


Some rights reserved by jjorogen
Some rights reserved by jjorogen


There is also University of Oregon athletics. The UO Ducks are a member of the Pac-12 Conference and participate in Division I Football, Cross Country and  Track and Field. These  are the most notable of the athletic teams.

There are more than 270 science and liberal arts options for students to pick from. The top ten majors for 2015 are Business Administration, Journalism and Communication, Psychology, Human Physiology, Biology, General Social Science, Computer and Information Science, Political Science, and Environmental Studies.

The range of SAT Scores accepted (25th – 75th ) 1080 – 1290. The range of ACT scores accepted 22-27. The average GPA for incoming Freshmen/Minimum GPA accepted 3.61/2.5. The acceptance rate is 74% and the Freshmen Retention rate is 86%.

1. George Mason University

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Some rights reserved by Ron Cogswell

George Mason University is located in Fairfax, Virginia and it is the largest public research university in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The university was founded as a branch of University of Virginia in 1957 and became an independent school in 1972.

Today its programs in economics, law, creative writing, computer science and business are its most recognized majors. In recent years George Mason faculty have twice won the Nobel Prize in Economics.

The enrollment of undergraduate students is 33,917 and this number of students makes George Mason the largest university in Virginia. The average class size rangers from 25 to 35. There are four campuses that make up George Mason.

The Fairfax campus is in a suburban setting in the City of Fairfax. This campus is 20 miles from Washington, DC. This also is the home of EagleBank Arena which is a 10,000 seat multi-purpose arena and it is  home to the NCAA Division I men’s and women’s basketball teams.

The Arlington campus is in a bustling urban setting and 4 miles from downtown Washington DC. The Science and Technology Campus is located in Manassas and has a student population of approximately 4,000 students. The fourth campus is in Songdo, South Korea.

The majority of freshmen live in traditional-style halls and some have the opportunities to live in suites. There are hundreds of clubs and organizations as well as fraternities and sororities. Some of the organizations consist of club sports, debate team, student media, religious organizations, student government just to name a few. The athletic teams are known as the Patriots and compete on the Division I level and area a member of the Atlantic 10 Conference.

The range of SAT scores Accepted (25th -75th) 1120 – 1310. The range of ACT scores accepted 23 -28. The Average GPA for Incoming Freshmen/Minimum GPA Accepted 3.65/2.5. The acceptance rate is 69% and the Freshman Retention rate is 87%.

Don’t Give Up Because You Messed Up

So you messed up in high school and thought that there was no where to go from here. Well the good news is that you’re wrong and the second piece of good news is that you’re not alone. Explore these 10 colleges and universities as places where you can go from here. I have discovered when I was growing up that maturity is a wonderful thing. The first place that I was given an opportunity to grow up, become an adult and to learn something about life was in college. Here are ten universities offering all kinds of opportunities for you to learn more about life and about yourself. So you messed up in high school but now you have a chance to succeed. Read about these universities, see what they offer and then most importantly, apply. Your acceptance into one of these great schools will change your life now and well into the future. Good Luck!

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