Home Suburbs Leaf Peeping Locations: Here Are Our Top Ten in the US

Leaf Peeping Locations: Here Are Our Top Ten in the US

Leaf Peeping Locations: Here Are Our Top Ten in the US

3. Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park, on the US-Canadian border, is huge, so huge that it encompasses more than a million acres, not one but two sub-ranges of the Rockies, as well as more than named 130 lakes. Deciduous trees abound here, making the fall showcasing Mother Nature’s artistry for leaf peepers. Each twist in the road or turn on the trail brings a new vista with breathtaking views which are enhanced by the raw beauty of the glaciers. Dedicated leaf peepers should not miss this locale.

Glacier National Park Montana photo

2. Bristol, Rhode Island

ri trees photo
Photo by pvsbond

For people who want to see fall foliage while also indulging themselves with coastal pursuits, Bristol,  Rhode Island makes the perfect choice for their fall vacation. Now as in previous eras, its waterfront and its historic buildings make interesting diversions, but it also boasts green-scapes that are well-worth a look in places such as Colt State Park, which offers trails for boating and fishing as well as land-bound pursuits.  Viewing foliage from the water gives a unique perspective that cannot be duplicated when land-bound.

1. Manchester, Vermont


Some rights reserved by Ben Saren
Some rights reserved by Ben Saren

Choosing a favorite foliage spot was difficult, given the variety of autumn beauty found in much of the United States, but Manchester, Vermont is first in our hearts this year.  Manchester combines the stark contrast of the Green Mountains with the lovely deciduous  forest, so indigenous to New England.  When leaf peepers are looking for the quintessential New England Village, they need travel no further than Manchester.  The town is surrounded by breathtaking views and a ride on Route 7 or a hike on one of the nearby trails in Emerald Lake State Park will reinforce the allure of Mother Nature.  If peepers can only visit one place this fall, make that place Manchester, Vermont.

Don’t Stop at Ten . . .

People who are interested in leaf peeping should remember that our choice of ten foliage spots is just the tip of the iceberg. Gorgeous fall foliage can be found in so many places in the United States.   The existing options will boggle the mind and extend well beyond the imagination.

So, if traveling isn’t possible this year, peepers should keep their  eyes open. That old maple on the corner may be in the perfect position to catch offer last glorious glimpse of the warmer parts of the year before the onslaught of winter begins. While fall foliage can be taken for granted by people who are used to the sight, those who live in other climes are sure to find it something to remember for a lifetime.

Featured Image: Some rights reserved by Anthony Quintano


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