Home Suburbs Leaf Peeping Locations: Here Are Our Top Ten in the US

Leaf Peeping Locations: Here Are Our Top Ten in the US

Leaf Peeping Locations: Here Are Our Top Ten in the US

 7. Parkville, Missouri

For most of the year Parkville, Missouri, situated along the banks of the Missouri River, is known for both its art galleries and its antique shops, but when fall arrives, it becomes a hub for leaf peepers from the nearby Kansas City area. Peepers flock to the beautiful  Parkville Nature Sanctuary and English Landing Park for a glimpse of the trees as they turn from green to brilliant yellow and then to a soft russet.  A walk through Parkville is a treat that should not be missed.

6. Limington, Maine

Some rights reserved by smilla4
Some rights reserved by smilla4

Much of Limington’s appeal to tourists can be found in its historic architecture. However, as autumn rolls around the natural landscapes around Limington light up with the New England fall foliage. Take the time to drive along Maine Route 25.  The glowing foliage, coupled with the beautiful vistas along the Saco and Little Ossipee Rivers will leave visitors in awe of Mother Nature.

5. Norfolk, Connecticut

foliage ct photo
Photo by BryanSereny

In contrast, people who yearn to see their fall foliage paired with historic architecture should consider paying a visit to Norfolk, Connecticut. After all, its former status as a summer colony has left a wealth of beautiful architecture in a range of styles from the Victorian to the Arts and Crafts eras. In fact, these buildings are so popular that some of them serve as the centerpieces in the myriad of local state parks which dot the region.  Campbell Falls State Park Reserve is known for its waterfall, but the foliage is memorable, as well.

4. Milford, Pennsylvania

foliage PA photo
Photo by Thomas James Caldwell

The borough of Milford can be found in what was historically a heavily-forested part of the Poconos Mountains. Its beauty is further enhanced by the fact that it sits on an escarpment over the Delaware River, meaning that its waterways form amazing waterfalls as they drain into that great flow of water. Summed up, it is a place that has to be seen to be believed. Driving through Milford when the leaves are turning will etch the scene in one’s mind forever.


Alan Lee Travel expert, writer for America Unraveled.


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