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Island Life in the Northeast – New England’s Island Getaway’s

Island Life in the Northeast – New England’s Island Getaway’s

2. Lake Champlain Islands, Vermont

Like lovely jewels set amidst the sixth largest lake in the country, the Lake Champlain Islands are perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. Blessed with a rich cultural heritage, natural history, and dazzling vistas, the islands are prized destinations for beach lovers looking to explore the expansive shoreline and winter lovers looking to benefit from ice fishing.

Lake Champlain Islands are accessible via cars, ferries and planes, and accommodations are plentiful, so visitors are bound to find something in their price range. Some ideal accommodation choices include Adams Landing Bed and Breakfast, The Old Schoolhouse of Isle LaMotte and Ferry Watch Inn.

Popular Attractions And Activities

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The Champlain Coast Wine Trails leads visitors to a multitude of wineries, allowing them to savor the delectable flavors of the locally produced wines.

The Chazy Reef on Isle La Motte contains some of the world’s oldest reef systems and is magical to explore. And yes, that would be a fresh water reef!

Visitors are never short of culinary delights in Lake Champlain Islands. Choose from different cuisines and restaurant vibes, whatever suites your taste. Some popular restaurants are Grand Isle Art Works & Café and North Hero House Inn and Restaurant., but there are many more.

1. Vinalhaven Island, Maine

Some rights reserved by LRJanzen13
Some rights reserved by LRJanzen13

Situated along the coast of Maine, Vinalhaven Island blends a spectacular landscape with jaw-dropping waterscapes. Visitors to Vinalhaven can be assured of a restful and interesting time away from a hectic lifestyle. The Island is accessible via ferry.

Cottage rentals are popular accommodation options for visitors thanks to their self-sufficient lifestyle.  For more formal places to stay, some excellent choices are the Libby House Inn and the Tidewater Motel and Gathering Place.

Popular Attractions And Activities

Kayaking and canoeing are highly popular with tourists and may be hired on the island.  A view of Vinalhaven from the water provides a unique perspective.

Vacationers can also visit properties on the National Register of Historic Places, including Brown’s Head Lighthouse, Heron Neck Light, Star of Hope Lodge, Murch Family House, Saddleback Ledge Light and Moses Webster House.

The Vinalhaven Historical Society and Museum is an ideal place for people to discover all about the history of the region.  With its collection of local artifacts, the Vinalhaven Historical Society serves as the center for cultural information for the island.

Lawson’s Quarry is one of three quarries in the region and is a public swimming area that remains popular with visitors. The Perry Creek Preserve provides excellent hiking and biking trails for outdoor adventurers.

Have you ever longed to go lobstering?  Several of the local lobstermen would be happy to take you out for a day picking up traps and collecting the catch. Arrangements can be made on an individual basis at the docks.

Vinalhaven Island has an excellent selection of fantastic restaurants like Calderwood Hall, or the  SALT Restaurant, which specializes in local seafood and produce, and Nebo Lodge and Restaurant for visitors to enjoy.  Between the view and the delicious fresh food, there is no reason for culinary disappointment on Vinalhaven Island.

All you have to do is get there.

The islands of New England are just a stone’s throw away from the Eastern Seaboard, making them popular with thousands of tourists every year – domestic or international. Featuring miles of sandy beaches and magnificent coastlines, New England offers unique charm through untouched natural landscapes and unforgettable views. Savor your New England experience as you indulge in the best delights that the region has to offer.

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