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Island Life in the Northeast – New England’s Island Getaway’s

Island Life in the Northeast – New England’s Island Getaway’s

4. Monhegan Island, Maine

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Monhegan Island in Maine is a small rocky getaway just 10 miles away from the mainland. Reachable only by ferries, visitors will love the remoteness and seclusion of this getaway with no paved roads or cars. In fact, for centuries, the island has been an attraction for visitors who seek isolation and wilderness.

Monhegan Island was established in 1966 as a National Natural Landmark thanks to the flora on the island and coast.

When it comes to accommodation, visitors can choose between hotels, B&Bs and private cottages for rent. Popular accommodation options are the Island Inn, John Sterling Harbor House, and Monhegan House.

Popular Attractions And Activities

Monhegan Island photo
Photo by Muffet

During the summer, tourists and artists arrive to explore the hiking trails, biking trails, seashell-filled sand, boating activities and cliffs overlooking the ocean.

The spruce-covered island provides the perfect home for birds of all kinds. The island is also a stop for birds migrating, making it a popular destination for bird lovers.Keep your eyes open for a bald eagle, an osprey, a belted kingfisher or a blue-headed vireo.  These are just a few of the species found in the summer on Monhegan Island.

Monhegan Island photo
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The Monhegan Museum of Art and History located near the lighthouse features history, nature, ecology and art displays.

Visitors are never short of dining options with The Barnacle, Island Inn, Monhegan Brewing, Trailing Yew and Monhegan House serving a variety of exciting foods.

3. Block Island, Rhode Island

Block Island photo
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Born from a glacial deposit thousands of years ago, Block Island, Rhode Island is a haven of natural beauty and untouched landscapes. Much of the island has been preserved and protected, ensuring that the beautiful bluffs and beaches will be enjoyed by future generations. The unspoiled landscape offers a stunning backdrop and breathtaking vistas.

Just 14 miles east of Montauk Point and 13 miles from the Rhode Island mainland, Block Island is easily accessible by ferry and small planes.

Cottage rentals are available, or guests may choose to stay at one of the island’s small inns or B & B’s. Appleyard Guest House, the Rose Farm Inn and Ballard’s Inn are just a few of the excellent accommodation choices for visitors.

Popular Attractions

Block Island photo
Photo by Ben+Sam

Block Island is blessed with gentle beaches and smooth waters, where visitors can indulge in the warmth of the sun or surf at will. Popular beaches include Crescent Beach, Scotch Beach, Mansion Beach, Coastguard Beach and Black Rock Beach.

Rock and shell hunting are especially popular activities that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Clayhead, a rocky set of cliffs with iron-rich clay sediments is an especially good place to look for shells.

The beauty of the surroundings makes biking, fishing, sailing and hiking common activities on Block Island.  Or visit Southeast Lighthouse for fabulous views of the Atlantic Ocean.

A regular farmer’s market on the island is widely attended for fresh foods and produce.

A visit to the Block Island Historical Society will allow guests to learn about both the geological history of the island and the history of the people who have called the island home.  The Historical Society also has an excellent collection of local artifacts.

Block Island has over 50 restaurants operating, including Restaurant 1879 at the Atlantic Inn, Dead Eye Dick’s and Spring House for those looking to relish their taste buds.


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