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Island Life in the Northeast – New England’s Island Getaway’s

Island Life in the Northeast – New England’s Island Getaway’s

Most people envisage a tropical paradise in a far away land when they think of an island getaway or retreat. What if you knew that a picturesque haven was just around the corner from you? No traveling across continents! No issues with entry visas! And no expensive airfares anymore! Doesn’t that sound appealing?

Sequestered in the northeast corner of the US lies a magical region – New England –  which has been bequeathed with some of the most scenic island landscapes for all types of getaways and vacations. For those seeking a tropical getaway without traveling too far, New England is the perfect choice for their needs.

The Draw Of The Island

Vinalhaven Island photo
Photo by Navin75

Stunning islands and island resorts cater to all kinds of tourists with a myriad of entertainment opportunities and fun activities available. The sun-drenched landscape and unmatched seclusion of an island present the perfect backdrop for rest and relaxation, so vacationers – young and old – feel attracted to this unforgettable getaway option.

Whether you’re drawn to the idea of romance when walking across windy cliffs or savoring coastal views from rolling hills, New England’s flurry of islands are gorgeous enough to rival the best in the world – making this island getaway choice perfect for summer retreats.

New England’s Top Island Getaways

Whether you’re traveling for a taste of romance, adventure or relaxation, hop on to a ferry and indulge in the charming glory of these New England stunners:

5. Plum Island, Massachusetts

Plum Island photo
Photo by burnszey

Sequestered along the Massachusetts east coast, Plum Island is shrouded in majestic beauty thanks to stirring sand dunes and charming sloping shelf beachscapes. Spread across 11 miles; Plum Island draws its name from local wild beach plum shrubs found in the sand dunes. Like many coastal getaways, On Island accommodations are limited to mostly cottage rental which typically come fully equipped with cooking amenities for self-sufficiency.

Popular Attractions And Activities

Plum Island has a gently sloping beach, allowing calm waves to kiss the shore. Many tourists use the beach as an opportunity to launch boats, while others enjoy a rollicking time in the water.

The Parker River National Wildlife Refuge features rustling woods, salt marsh, beautiful sand and colorful birds – perfect for nature lovers to relish at their leisure.

The island doesn’t have many restaurants when it comes to dining options, but vacationers can easily travel to the mainland in search of delicious meals. For those who don’t want to travel to the mainland, Plum Crazy serves up an eclectic variety of food.


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