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California’s 10 Leading State Universities

California’s 10 Leading State Universities

1.  CSU Long Beach

Topping the list of CSU schools is CSU Long Beach. The Beach, as it is affectionately known, is a large three hundred and twenty-two-acre urban university, with a campus feel. It’s design of mostly glass and brick buildings allow the visual focus to be placed on the natural beauty surrounding it.

Citizens of Long Beach donated thirty-two hundred Helen Boucher flowering peach trees that now grace the campus. Some of the buildings use other trees to create canopies or courtyards. It is well thought out and creatively organized to stimulate the eye.

Walter Pyramid.jpg
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One of the iconic buildings is the eighteen story Mike and Arline Walter Pyramid that houses three basketball courts, five volleyball courts, a fitness center, an educational conference center, and several of the 19 DI athletic teams.

There is also a Japanese garden for people seeking quieter space, along with a nationally recognized art museum, and performing arts center that can seat over one thousand people.

CSULB says it is committed to educational excellence in teaching and research and achieves this by offering classes in smaller groups to allow for more intimate contact with the professor.

Their philosophy is to support the roughly thirty-three thousand racially diverse students by offering over sixty-three academic programs, roughly two hundred clubs and organizations ranging from sports to culture to religion to social action and everything in between.

The Beach is the 3rd largest CSU campus and ranked as the 5th most diverse in the West by US News and World Report. CSULB has also been listed as a “Best Value” by the Princeton Review due to the low cost and outstanding opportunities.

It was the first to offer a President’s Scholars program starting in 1995 and giving fifty freshmen a chance to come on full scholarship.

Imagine attending college in beautiful Long Beach.Hard to beat. Plus, when your parents come to visit they can stay on the Queen Mary! How fun is that?

Tuition, Room & Board – $23,000.

Wrapping it all up

Wrapping up, you have to be able to find a school among one of these outstanding choices. Diversity reigns in student populations, course offerings, landscape, view, size, proximity to towns and cities, mountains or beaches, weather, philosophy of education, opportunities to grow and develop both on and off campus and cost.

This article just scratches the surface. There is a place in the CSU system where you can become all that you want to be. So don’t freak out if you don’t get into Stanford. There are plenty of fantastic options in California.

Start applying!



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  1. How about giving a few spots to some of us going for a 2nd Bachelor’s!!! In 2008, the economy tanked and some jobs tanked with it! If you need or want to re-educate yourself in California because you industry tanked in 2008, you’re up a creek in the Cal State system. You’re penalized for being educated! I understand that you’re trying to give opportunity to those that are going for their first degree, but couldn’t you have reserved 10% of those slots for some of us that want/need a 2nd bachelor. So you ask why not a Master’s! Well, if your 2nd degree is different from your first, how do you get a Masters when you don’t have the undergraduate background??? And why would one get a 2nd bachelor in the same subject matter. Anyway, think about it!

    1. Good comment, but please check out your options, Patricia. Most Master’s programs (shop around if you have to) allow students with different undergrads. It’s actually quite common. Typically you take a few upper division undergrad courses in that department along with your Master’s program, but even so, it’s usually fewer units than another Bachelor’s degree. Resume-wise, a second Bachelor’s degree does very little for you, on top of the fact that if financial aid is a consideration, it won’t support a second Bachelor’s. In most fields, the Master’s is the highest level of education you’ll ever need, so professionally, you’re much better going for a Master’s.

  2. My wife just completed her first year a professor in the Business at Cal State Stanislaus.
    She and her colleagues don’t stop at teaching their students, they are caring of each student, they are innovative and dedicated to creating a holistic approach to success for everyone.


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