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These Are America’s Most Irish Small Cities

These Are America’s Most Irish Small Cities

Huntington, WV

You wouldn’t necessarily think of West Virginia as having a large Irish American contingent. Interestingly, their Irish American population is actually well above average across much of the state. This is especially the case in the city of Huntington.

St. Patrick’s Day has grown in popularity over the years from pub crawls to live music and festivities. This year the city will hold its 1st annual St. Patrick’s Day parade and celebration.

They’re calling this year’s event “Huntington Goes Green: A St. Patrick’s Day Celebration”. The celebration will include a walking parade, live music, chalk art and much more.

Watertown, NY

Watertown is known in New York’s northern region as having one of the best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations around.

This year represents the 31st Annual “North Country Goes Green” Irish Festival held in Watertown with a 3 day festival of music and dance performances.

In addition to the musical acts, the city hosts a St. Patrick’s Day parade, a Shamrock Run, the Donegal Beard Contest, and Irish Step Dance performance.

All in all, the event is extremely popular amongst residents and attracts people from surrounding communities interested to see some talented performers and enjoy the areas Irish ancestry. Learn more about the celebration here.

Portland, ME

Congress Street, Portland ME.jpg
Photo By John PhelanOwn work, CC BY 3.0

Portland has an impressive percentage (19.2%) of Irish Americans living in the city. Irish immigrants began moving to Portland in the mid-nineteenth century, and formed a hard working culture on the docks of Portland’s extremely active port.

Today, Portland remembers their strong Irish influence by holding possibly one of the most event packed St. Patrick’s Day celebrations of any city on this list. The city hosts a parade, a plunge in the Atlantic, tons of live music at various venues across the city, boiled dinners, dancing, pub quizzes and much more. You can read the full event list here.


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