Home Cities What Happens in Newport Stays in Newport: America’s Bachelorette Destination

What Happens in Newport Stays in Newport: America’s Bachelorette Destination

What Happens in Newport Stays in Newport: America’s Bachelorette Destination

Wow, Who Lives Like That?

The Newport Mansions are summer cottages built in the 1800’s to early 1900’s for some of the wealthiest families in the United States to stay in during the summer social season. They are actually large homes with generous and elaborate entertaining spaces such as receiving, dining, music and ballrooms, but few bedrooms as the hope was people would go home at the end of the night to their own cottage.

Walking through the Breakers or Marble House may give you some great ideas for your registry.

After all, every bride needs 70 rooms or over 500,000 square feet of marble.

Time to Shop and Dine

Newport photo
Photo by 6SN7

After spending an active day, take a sunset cruise on the Adirondack II, an 80’ schooner that will do private charters. Maybe a cooking class sounds like a good idea so you don’t have to eat his favorite mac and cheese most nights. Or, head to Bodhi Spa and try their method of using water for healing and relaxation.

At least one day has to be spent wandering the cobblestone streets, going in and out of the too many to mention shops. Jewelry, handbags, shoes, clothes, art, whatever you might need to say thanks to those awesome people who brought you here is waiting for you in Newport.

Newport Rhode Island downtown photo
Photo by Dougtone

Make sure you have time to head out on the Coastal Wine Trail. There are three wineries, Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyards, Greenvale Vineyards and Newport Vineyards that offer a range of fine wines. The Newport Storm Brewery is proud of its range of brews. How can you turn down a chance to try the SheRiff of Rock Ridge? Everyone gets the Blazing Saddles reference, right? Is there a toll involved? There is also a rum distillery on the Trail. Super fun!

Now you are ready to eat. Try the Black Pearl. Eat in or out. Maybe sample the raw bar. Or Salvation Cafe has a Wow! Factor. It’s unique and fun, serving dinner or Sunday brunch. Jo’s American Bistro is an excellent choice with live music. The 22 Bowen’s Wine Bar and Grille is a steakhouse with great wine, harborside dining, where you can sit in or out or reserve a private room. Breakfast, lunch or dinner can be found at Belle’s Cafe.

Out on the Town

Now that you have found places to eat, let’s think about where to go for nightlife. The Boom Boom Room at Clarke Cooke House is over the Candy Store (really? Yes, really.). This is an awesome dance club playing a wide range of music. Buskers Irish Pub has so much character, charm and atmosphere, it’s a don’t miss if this is your type of place. Studio 3 has a more contemporary vibe. The Newport Blues Cafe has live music and is in the heart of downtown. You will totally have fun. Don’t tell your fiance.

Get Some Rest, Girl.

Newport photo
Photo by tburling

Exhausted, it’s time to head to bed. Gilded is an interesting inn offering a new twist on old splendor. It is chic and opulent. Perfect for you and the girls. Or the Francis Malbone House might be more your style. It is a historic inn with fireplaces, sitting rooms, gourmet breakfasts (if you wake up for it and can eat it), afternoon tea (a breakfast replacement for bachelorettes), and is harborfront.

The Cliffside Inn is steps from Cliff Walk and has whirlpool baths, spa showers, fireplaces, grand beds (the last luxurious sleep without what’s his name), gourmet epicurean goodies, and is lovely. The Mill Street Inn has historic charm and is one block from the waterfront. It is more rustic with exposed beams, brick walls, and a roof-top deck with views (OK, so you miss him a little).

The Almondy Inn is a Victorian B&B in the Gaslit Historic Hill District. You can walk to downtown.

Newport, a Bachelorette Superstar!

Newport photo
Photo by fernandosmagrane

Why would anyone want to go anywhere else? The views, the beach, the activities, the food, the nightlife, and oh, the accommodations! So, did your girls plan this for you or for them? Who cares? Relax.

By the end of the bachelorette get away, you will like him again, be able to talk civilly with your mother and his, and face the wedding plans once again but with a fresh outlook and great memories. What happens in Newport, stays in Newport! Cheers!

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