Home Cities What Happens in Newport Stays in Newport: America’s Bachelorette Destination

What Happens in Newport Stays in Newport: America’s Bachelorette Destination

What Happens in Newport Stays in Newport: America’s Bachelorette Destination

You have spent months, maybe years, planning your wedding. You have spent countless hours going over flowers, napkins, types of chairs, shoes and dresses for maids, moms, and you. At this point, you have stopped caring if Aunt Nan sits next to Uncle Harry, even if they may end up screaming at each other during the reception. You are done. Exhausted. Burnt out.

And your lovely groom has added nothing. He hasn’t even so much as picked out a stamp. And his mother has gone into overdrive trying to help organize and make suggestions. You are ready to pop.  You need a bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Party?

Newport photo
Photo by ian02054

What exactly is a bachelorette party? It is modeled after the male tradition of a bachelor party, which is supposed to revolve around a dinner given by friends, but come on, we all know how bachelor parties go.

The bachelorette version did not become popular until the mid 1980’s when women decided if boys can do it, so can girls. The party is thrown in honor of the bride, thus she does not plan it, but she can offer suggestions.

Bachelorette parties often have a theme and may include male strippers or in England where it is called a Hen Party, there may be a naked butler to wait on you. And he doesn’t look like the butler in Downton Abbey.

There can be some naughtiness and some alcohol involved, or it can be more civilized or a combination of both. It should be fun and always respectful of what the bride would want. At any rate, it’s all about female bonding.

Off to Newport, Rhode Island

Newport Rhode Island photo
Photo by 6SN7

Lucky you, your bridesmaids and friends decide to arrange your bachelorette in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island where opportunities for fun abound. There is plenty to do year round in this seaside town, but the warmer months offer some special treats such as walking the 3.5 mile Cliff Walk, a designated National Recreational Trail, that borders the shoreline.

Or you and the girls could head to Easton’s Beach or First Beach, which is the largest public beach and has views of Cliff Walk. Or get a few rays at Gooseberry Beach, a private beach that is open to the public on various days.

Tanned and not wanting to burn, you can seek out decorating ideas for your love nest, so head to the Historic District and tour the mansions.




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