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The Forefront of Entrepreneurial Learning: Ball State University

The Forefront of Entrepreneurial Learning: Ball State University

The term ‘entrepreneur’ is ingrained in the narrative of a self-starting person exerting creativity to build strong value for associated stakeholders and beneficiaries. Have you always assumed that entrepreneurial skill was a birthright limited only to some? You may want to rethink that. Most people anticipate that entrepreneurs are born with a natural talent to lead and take calculated risks, but the fact remains that ‘entrepreneurial learning’ can potentially be taught in the classroom.

While your inherent ability will certainly assist you in your quest to adorn the title of ‘Managing Director’ or ‘CEO’ of your own brainchild, sometimes the classroom can help you adapt to an entrepreneurial go-to-market strategy. Ball State University offers an unprecedented opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to benefit from entrepreneurial learning across all academic disciplines.

What Is Entrepreneurial Learning? Get Acquainted!

But what is entrepreneurial learning in the first place, you ask? And how could it possibly deliver a unique value proposition to your needs? At its core, entrepreneurial learning represents a structured process where students learn to extricate, initiate, manage and monetize potential opportunities or ideas. Experts studying the concept of entrepreneurial learning deliver varied chronicles, but the fundamentals of personal, collective and contextual learning emerge coherently with the objective of producing positive outcomes.

The idea of entrepreneurial learning has evolved over the years, but its origins can be tracked back to the 17th century when the term ‘entrepreneur’ was coined by economist Richard Cantillon (Ibid). In 1970, Collins and Moore deliberated that most of the learning taking place in entrepreneurship is based on past events that one has experienced or learned about. Their research study of 150 entrepreneurs deciphered that they are realistic and strong people –– encouraged by drivers like accomplishment and independence.

Entrepreneurship is regarded as a major economic driver, so the concept of entrepreneurial learning –– though new –– has carved a vital niche in the education system for cultivating skills and capabilities. So how does entrepreneurial learning impact student growth?

  • Entrepreneurship models help students better contribute to and understand market situations.
  • Students with entrepreneurial learning are equipped to become worthy team members and employees without losing out on their sense of independent and innovative thinking.
  • Students are given the tools and attitude to identify and bring potential opportunities to life within a working environment.
  • Students develop personal qualities relevant to working environments –– innovation, creativity, taking calculated risks and responsibility.

This empirical approach to entrepreneurial learning has conceptualized new techniques of approaching business decisions in a more rational and resourceful manner.

Ball State University: The Indisputable Leader In Entrepreneurial Learning

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Ball State University (BSU) is an institution with a key focus on entrepreneurial learning –– combining excellent resources with world-class talent to transform the way education is imparted. The tradition of entrepreneurship and innovation can be traced back to the latter half of the 19th century when business leaders from Muncie planned a local college to boost the development of the city.

By the 1960s after many changes, the college began to attract teachers and students from outside who were looking for education in areas like architecture, business and other burgeoning topics. Today, the entrepreneurial spirit of the college remains at the forefront through a myriad of degrees and learning opportunities at ultramodern facilities. With so much to offer, is it any wonder that Ball State University is regarded as one of the top performers in the Midwest. If you’re looking to hone in on your self-starting career desire, you couldn’t do better than an enrollment with BSU.

Located in the heart of Muncie, the BSU campus encompasses 1,140 acres with 106 housed buildings centered around two major quadrangles. The campus is punctuated with natural beauty thanks to open green spaces and verdant outlooks. The buzzing activity calendar means that there is never a dull moment for students who relish a healthy mix of education and entertainment –– all within the campus boundaries. From Broadway shows to comedians and concerts, BSU injects the kind of excitement into Muncie that any other town would covet. The charming backdrop of the college campus gives it an even greater welcoming allure.

Apart from their semester courses, students are privy to a plethora of extracurricular activities based on their interests. Students put in plenty of hard work, but they are rewarded with rich and new experiences. You have the choice to join over 400 student organizations –– encompassing an all-round learning experience. With so much on offer, students of BSU never have a dull moment in and out of the classroom. Not convinced yet? There’s more!


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