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Foraging at America’s Farmers’ Markets: Our Top 5

Foraging at America’s Farmers’ Markets: Our Top 5

2. Coventry Farmer’s Market at Hale Homestead, CT

If you are looking for something to do with your entire family on a Sunday, look no farther than the Coventry Farmer’s Market. Each Sunday there are over 70 vendors offering you the best of locally grown organic, heirloom, ethnic and gourmet varieties of fruits, and vegetables, grass fed beef, free range eggs, milk, yogurt, smoked bacon, breads, cheeses, pastries, salsa, pesto, fresh herbs, cut flowers, honey, syrup, chocolate fudge and so much more…

The Coventry Farmer’s Market is a huge help in maintaining the small farms in the region.

Coventry Farmer’s Market photo
Photo by Mystic Country CT

Local artists and artisans also offer their work to those who come shopping. Some of the things you will see are beeswax candles, goat’s milk soap, homespun yard and handcrafted bead work.

And while you are shopping, there is ongoing entertainment. The entertainment spans from petting a goat to listening to the Farmer’s Market Band or enjoying a variety of different musical performers.

Every Sunday you will find cooking demonstrations, sustainable living programs, all kinds of stuff for kids, and didn’t I already mention a variety of musical guests?

The Coventry Farmer’s Market is not just for the vendors, but there are community groups, 4-H groups, sponsors, teachers demonstrating a craft, people showing off their animals or simply one of the folks who are helping to set the market up each Sunday. Some people are simply involved just to make the Coventry Farmer’s Market happen each Sunday.

On July 3rd The Farmer’s Market will be hosting Waypoint Spirits, Hartford Flavor Co. and Connecticut Valley Distillery Smuggler’s Rum at the big BBQ. Waypoint Spirits will be featuring either their Labrador Noon Vodka or Honey Habanero Whiskey, and Hartford Flavor Co. will be sampling their birch liquor with bourbon to pair up with the July 4th BBQ. There will be collector’s tasting glasses available.

This is the first of five tasting events this season for the Farmer’s Market and just a sample of the different events that make up Coventry Farmer’s Market’s schedule throughout its season.

In my humble opinion, visiting the Farmer’s Market completes any good weekend.

I do believe that the Coventry Farmer’s Market is truly a destination that you don’t want to miss. I am not alone in that belief – NE Travel Magazine calls Coventry Farmer’s Market, “Connecticut’s preeminent farmer’s market”.

Yankee Magazine wrote that Coventry Farmer’s Market is “Best Farmer’s Market in Connecticut 2011 and 2012”. Boston Magazine called the Farmer’s Market “Best of the Best”. Finally, the Boston Globe writes that Coventry Farmer’s Market is “A little country fair each Sunday.”

Coventry Farmer’s Market is not to be missed.

Open: Sundays from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

1. Santa Fe Farmers’ Market, Santa Fe, NM

The products sold and the location are not the most important issues to the organizers of the Santa Fe’s Farmers’ Market. It is the philosophy behind the existence of this market that makes it the number one Farmers’ Market in America, in our opinion.

The organizers and participants believe that everyone, independent of their economic status, should have access to fresh, locally grown agricultural products that are nutritious and taste better than the goods that are shipped thousands of miles to grocery stores.

Santa Fe Farmers’ Market photo
Photo by eekim

The market began in the late 1960’s and is now New Mexico’s largest farmers’ market. It was started by a handful of farmers to meet the needs for Santa Fe’s demand for fresh, local produce.

The market is open year round on Saturday and offers excellent fruits and vegetables, and baked goods, jams and various other products such as soaps, crafts, and gifts made from local farming products. It showcases live music, has various kid’s activities and other events throughout the year.

You are invited to come early and have a cup of coffee, home baked bread or a breakfast burrito at the snack bar as you prepare to experience this 40-year event.

Hale Market Homestead photo
Photo by theturquoisetable

There is a huge community spirit that surrounds this Farmers’ Market. An article in a local paper states  “When you shop at Santa Fe’s Farmers Market you are making the educated and healthy choice both for yourself and for the northern New Mexico community”.

The New Mexico Farmers’ Market Association has teamed up with The Double Up Food Program.  This initiative improves the nutrition of SNAP recipients who are receiving food assistance by increasing their access to healthy foods and providing additional revenue for local farmers.

Hale Market Homestead photo
Photo by eekim

The future of the Farmers’ Market looks very promising.  The Santa Fe’s Farmers’ Market Institute works directly with local farmers to guarantee that the Farmers’ Market will thrive well into the future.  The Institute also works to insure that the over 100 local farmers will become more productive and successful resulting in more and better products in the Farmers Market.

So in closing, I leave you with the motto of the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market: “Keeping It Fresh Since 1968”.

Open: Every Saturday from 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Fresh Veggies Tonight?

Hale Market Homestead photo
Photo by Paul and Jill

Wouldn’t it be fun to eat your way across the country, visiting as many Farmers’ Markets as possible?  Each Market has its own character and special products. You could spend weeks on the road, just sampling food and having fun.

If you can’t do a national Market tour, it’s ok; you may have your own favorite farmers’ market close to home.  It doesn’t really matter, as long as you go to one.

Remember, the food is local and fresh.  You are assisting with the survival of a bedrock of American culture, the small family farm.  And the food is good for you!

Featured image: Some rights reserved by churchstreetmarketplace


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  1. We live in Santa Fe and love the Farmers Market. It’s also open on Tuesdays- thought it’s a smaller market. Another farmers market we used to love- haven’t been in years is the one in Boulder CO.

  2. Your reporter has apparently never been to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market in California. Almost 40 years old, and taking up six blocks and hundreds of vendors, the Wednesday morning market features year-round access to some of the finest produce, fruits, small-batch goods and food products in the country, with up to 9,000 buyers every week.


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