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Discover the Top 10 Hidden Gem Cities In the US

Discover the Top 10 Hidden Gem Cities In the US

4. Traverse City, Michigan

If Dothan, Alabama is the land of the peanuts, then Traverse City, Michigan is the land of the cherries. More cherries are produced here than anywhere else in the United States. Upwards of 500,000 people visit the Cherry Festival that Traverse City holds each and every year.

People who are interested in growing grapes for wine may also be interested in Traverse City, a place that demonstrates that people in the industry have options outside of Napa in California.

3. Hillsboro, Oregon

Hillsboro Oregon photo
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Despite being a hugely underrated city, Hillsboro, Oregon is in the top five of the largest cities in Oregon. The city has still managed to attract a lot of residents and a lot of tourists, many of whom are interested in the area’s rich history.

There are plenty of great job opportunities there for people who are interested in information technology, health-care, and agriculture, giving it a curious mix or workers.

The median age in the city is 32 and the city tends to skew in the direction of young professionals from diverse professional backgrounds. The crime rate is low compared to that of Oregon in general and the United States in particular.

2. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Portsmouth New Hampshire photo
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Like a lot of New England cities, Portsmouth, New Hampshire is full of historical sites. People aren’t going to be able to see them all in a vacation. Only the residents will be able to enjoy them in their entirety. People can get all sorts of high-paying white collar jobs in the area, working in everything from insurance to local government.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire manages to embody a lot of the best things about New England, including both the quaint historicity and the forward-thinking momentum. It is a charming city for people who love New England.

1. Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria Virginia photo
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People who want to get all of the benefits of living near the capital city of the United States with none of the costs should consider a move to Alexandria, Virginia.

They will get the history and the presence associated with the capital, not to mention the job opportunities, without the high crime rate and without living with the way in which the nation’s capital becomes a target.

Alexandria, Virginia has a population in the six figures and a median age of 34.

It is also widely regarded as one of the most sustainable cities in the country.

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