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Discover The 10 Best Cities In Massachusetts Not Named Boston

Discover The 10 Best Cities In Massachusetts Not Named Boston

If you’ve ever wondered what Massachusetts has to offer aside from Boston, you might be pleasantly surprised there’s a lot that this legendary state has in store.

In western Massachusetts, one finds the expansive greenery combined with the the high art of music in historic Tanglewood.

Just outside of Boston, one can discover the city of Somerville, an eclectic city known for its bustling culture, classy dining establishments, and thriving musical scene.

Around the Smith College area, we find a city deeply involved in progressive advancement of LGBT culture and acceptance.

From great festivals, historic museums, and street fairs to thriving neighborhoods with top schools, great parks, noteworthy landmarks, and social intrigue, you will be surprised by how much you can find in Massachusetts outside of its flagship capital.

10. Somerville, MA

Somerville photo
Photo by timsackton
Somerville, Massachusetts is a favorite for residents of Middlesex County; it’s known for landmarks like Davis Square, an essential locale for shopping, dining, and experiencing the performing arts.

There are just fewer than 80,000 people who live in Somerville; you might enjoy this area for its record heat waves as well as significant snow totals, ensuring a nice, frosty winter for even the biggest of snow angel buffs.

Some of the many wonderful neighborhoods include Assembly Square, Porter Square, Powder House Square, Davis Square, Spring Hill, Tufts, and Union Square.

Folks love this particular area of Massachusetts because it has a small-town vibe to it; things are within walking distance and the areas are safe for the whole family in these close-knit neighborhoods.

For things to do, check out the Somerville Theater with its brightly lit billboard displaying the latest indie films. There are a lot of historical areas in Somerville including various libraries, churches, and houses that have been landmarked by the city.

You can also sign up for a painting class at the Muse Paint Bar or Art School #99, or check out local acts at the legendary Davis Square Theater.

For sports enthusiasts, George Dilboy Memorial Stadium is the stadium that is used by the public for various sporting events including football leagues and women’s soccer.

Somerville is also home to Tufts University and a lot of great walking trails and cycling trails along the old railroad paths. See, we didn’t even mention Boston!

9. Andover, MA

Andover's Old Town Hall, located in downtown Andover
Fletcher6Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Andover, Massachusetts is a picture perfect town located in Essex County. With just about 33,000 people, you’ll find that not only is it convenient, but it’s a very safe area with an excellent school system – perfect for raising families.

You will also find the Phillips Academy Prep School is located here. Phillips Academy is widely heralded as a school consistently sending students to the top Ivy League universities.

For areas to explore, look for the Addison Gallery of American Art, a museum dedicated to showcasing works by American artists for international exhibition.

Make sure to check out the various parks as well as to visit the New England Gallery to see historic artwork and furniture.

With beautiful walkways, a distinctly family-oriented atmosphere, and pristine water views, you’ll enjoy the quiet but noble ambience of Andover.


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