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Discover America’s 10 Best Main Streets

Discover America’s 10 Best Main Streets

#3 – Moody Street, Waltham, MA

Visiting Waltham, Massachusetts, requires a trip to the lovely and well-known part of town called Moody Street, a commercial district with significant history and charm.

Several businesses face Moody Street, and it isn’t hard to find exactly what you need in this picturesque community.

Young and old alike will find numerous opportunities to explore and enjoy the area, thanks to the many offerings from various shops and restaurants.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990, this district houses some of the best architecture in the U.S., including Cronin’s Landing complex which adds an art deco touch to the community.

Another building worthy of your attention is the Lincoln building, a Romanesque Revival structure that will make you want to point your camera. Near Brandeis University, it is easy to find delicious eateries and restaurants on Moody Street, including the Red Bird, Tempo, The Gaff, and Charcoal Guido’s, to name a few.

Close to Brandeis and Bentley, this main street is among the trendiest in small towns in the US.

#2 – Main Street, Galena, IL

Galena Illinois photo
Photo by puroticorico

If you have plans to see beautiful Galena, Illinois, you will no doubt want to see the heart of this town, which was named by Midwest Living Magazine as one of America’s best main streets. Architects and culture buffs will adore the appearance of this city street, lined with approximately one hundred different 19th century storefronts and red brick buildings.

While other towns have seen much growth and change, this section of Galena manages to hold onto quaint main street charm and embrace its history. Aside from the art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants that make their home on Main Street, there are also numerous cafes, lounges, and bed & breakfast establishments that make visiting Galena a simply unique experience.

#1 – Third Street, McMinnville, OR

McMinnville photo
Photo by Dougtone

Throughout the year, numerous events take place on Third Street in McMinnville, Oregon, bringing people in from all over. Named by Parade Magazine as a main street finalist in the U.S., there are also many annual festivals held in this picturesque town which some say looks just like what you’d find on the set of an all-American movie.

Some of the more popular festivals held on Third Street include Turkey Rama, a festival dedicated to the formerly prominent poultry business in the town, and Alien Daze, a festival dedicated to celebrating the extraterrestrial. Beautiful trees line this charming main street featuring boutiques, shops, restaurants, and farmers’ markets.

If you plan to travel to any of these above mentioned locations, you are certainly going to want to book your lodging ahead of time and bring along a camera.

Of course, there are still many other historic and culturally rich main streets worthy of mention as well, hosting numerous festivals and events to celebrate the charm and beauty of their towns and communities. These ten, however, are perhaps the most outstanding in the country.


Featured image by Mark’s Postcards from Beloit


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