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Discover America’s 10 Best Main Streets

Discover America’s 10 Best Main Streets

#7 – Church Street, Burlington, VT

The Church Street Marketplace makes Burlington, Vermont, a must see on this list of best main streets in America, and in only one visit you can easily understand why. This award winning open air shopper’s paradise offers a plethora of things to see and do, thanks to the many shops, restaurants, street entertainers and musicians on Church Street each year.

This area of town measures four blocks and offers not only great food and an interesting place to meet people, but free wifi as well.

The stunning architecture and rich culture of the area abounds, making this main street a popular place for natives and visitors to explore and enjoy the abundance of shopping and events.

#6 – State Street, Ann Arbor, MI

Main Street Ann Arbor photo
Photo by JSmith Photo

Ann Arbor, Michigan has always been considered a charming and beautiful place to visit, but when the list of best main streets appeared, there was no doubt that this community’s State Street would be near the top of the list.

A vibrant and active community that continues to grow and flourish, the State Street District has something for visitors and natives of all ages to enjoy, including tourists and college students attending the University of Michigan.

For more than fifty years, State Street has been building a strong community of entrepreneurs, owners, franchise businesses, non-profit organizations, and educational organizations to help area patrons celebrate history, heritage and culture.

This all-American main street is also home to numerous events and festivals celebrating music, the arts, and local history, making Ann Arbor an excellent destination any time of year.

#5 – Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Bedford Ave Brooklyn photo
Photo by squirrel83

If you are looking for a hip and trendy place to hang out and explore, the best main street for you can likely be found on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. While people of all ages frequent this busy street, those who love music, dancing, nightlife, and libations are right at home. The culture is rich with music and the arts being celebrated up and down Bedford Avenue, and there is no shortage of good places to eat as well as trendy coffee shops, boutiques and eclectic specialty stores to explore.

Near the L train, New York’s public transportation, it is not difficult to travel to and from this exciting main street, found in a picturesque area of Brooklyn. Located in the center of Williamsburg, numerous festivals and events line this street year round, making this a hipster location for college students as well as twenty and thirty somethings.

#4 – Main Street, Collierville, TN

The attraction to Main Street in Collierville, Tennessee was purposely created and cultivated in an effort to preserve the Town Square Area, enhancing the heart of this charming location.

This popular main street mecca now gives Collierville a sense of pride and heritage, as this small town has embraced its history and culture to become a well-known and successful community.

Also named one of the best main streets in America by Parade Magazine, the numerous shops, restaurants, and other community projects keep people actively visiting and enjoying the attractions of this charming street since 1991.

An exceptional location is the perfect backdrop for numerous festivals and events each year, such as Sunset on the Square, Easter Bunny Hop, Merchant’s Holiday Open House, and more.


Kerri Ponder Travel expert, writer for America Unraveled.


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