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Discover America’s 10 Best Main Streets

Discover America’s 10 Best Main Streets

Main street… nearly every single town across America has one and often times, they’re at the heart of many, if not all, community activities. Most main streets are lined with the same types of buildings, housing an assortment of businesses and nightlife.

At first glance, during the early morning or late afternoon hours, the main street of a typical city might appear to be rather plain and normal.

However, in rare communities throughout the U.S., the city’s main street offers a variety of entertainment and excitement for local folks…and anyone else who is willing to travel.

We have compiled a list of America’s 10 best main streets; some of these streets host the world’s most illustrious music festivals, best ethnic cuisines, youthful university culture, hipster underground graffiti art, and most importantly, international recognition as epicenters for incredibly bustling diverse activity.

Here are America’s 10 best main streets…

#10 – Sixth Street, Austin, TX

Sixth Street Austin photo
Photo by eekim

First stop on the list of America’s most lively and entertaining main streets is 6th Street, formerly known as Pecan Street, located in Austin, Texas.

History and culture abound due to the many historical buildings, antique stores, art galleries, hair salons, restaurants and eateries, tattoo parlors, specialty shops, and bars with numerous options in entertainment.

Regardless of your favorite sounds, 6th Street has music to suit your tastes including blues, jazz, rock, hip-hop, grunge, punk, and much more. This six block entertainment mecca also has some of the best regional fare to thoroughly satisfy your taste buds such as Cajun, Tex-Mex, ribs, steaks, seafood, and many other favorites.

Many of the events in the internationally acclaimed South by Southwest (SXSW) festival happen on Austin’s illustrious Sixth Street.

Whether celebrating a holiday or enjoying a weekend on the town, 6th Street is often filled with an eclectic crowd of all ages, including out-of-towners, politicians, and even celebrities. If you’re a people watcher, this street has lots to offer.

#9 – Broad Street, Rome, GA

Rome Georgia photo
Photo by BryonLippincott

Located in Rome, the notoriously popular Broad Street is famous for more than one reason. Firstly, Broad Street is the second widest main street in the state of Georgia, lined with interesting and historical buildings brimming with character and adornments.

Mentioned by Travel and Leisure Magazine as one of the top main streets in the U.S., Broad Street offers a host of things to do, day or night. You will find numerous architectural delights including opera houses, theaters, museums, temples, local shops, and more. This legendary street also offers an impressive nightlife brimming with youthful culture, including bars, clubs and other entertainment venues.

Live music can be heard nightly from the 400 Block Bar, Peaches Palace, and a collection of other establishments. Quite often, both visitors and residents of Rome get to enjoy concerts, block parties, holiday events, and other gatherings that celebrate history, culture, and a love of music.

And what’s good music without great food? Broad Street restaurants thrive on this busy mecca, offering an impressive variety of great food and spirits.

#8 – State Street, Madison, WI

State Street Madison photo
Photo by Phil Roeder

A pedestrian zone located in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, near the State Capitol, State Street is another popular main street.

Unlike most main streets, this well-known road was divided in 1974, creating wider sidewalks and narrower streets dedicated to buses, bicycles, delivery and emergency vehicles, and pedestrian foot traffic. In this area are many shops, restaurants, clubs, and bars. State Street is close to college life and is frequented by Madison’s youthful culture.

Other sites to see while exploring State Street include street performers, musicians, and jugglers. There is plenty of food and drinks to enjoy, but arguably the best time of year is during the annual Halloween Party held on this popular Wisconsin main street.

Tens of thousands of people arrive annually, many dressed in colorful costumes, for this October celebration featuring a minimal entrance fee of five dollars, providing numerous shows and films performed by nationally known bands.


Kerri Ponder Travel expert, writer for America Unraveled.


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