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Clarion University: American Education At Its Finest

Clarion University: American Education At Its Finest

The Apple Sculpture

If you’re looking for something unique, you should check out The Apple Sculpture located on campus. This sculpture was developed as a way for students to express their thoughts and their feelings, and of course, their artistic abilities. Students give voice to their freedom of expression by writing or drawing their ideas on the sculpture.

The Apple Sculpture changes regularly, and it’s something that you’re going to want to check out, even if you’re not interested in drawing or writing on it for yourself.

Even though it’s only been around since 2013, the Apple Sculpture is something that interests everyone on campus. It’s constantly being painted and repainted. Don’t be offended if your message doesn’t stick around long, nothing ever does. It’s not a testament to you or your message, but simply to the number of people who want to share their message or their art. The Apple Sculpture is all about having fun.

Community Impact

Clarion photo
Photo by jmd41280

Clarion University has been able to impact the local community positively by providing one of the largest employment opportunities in the area. The student population has had a great impact on the businesses located throughout the city.

The students have had a positive impact on diversity and multiculturalism, which has become an important part of the wider community. Clarion tremendously affected both the surrounding communities and the greater Pittsburgh area.

Surrounding Area

Allegheny National Forest photo
Photo by Dougtone

If you’re looking for something to do on the days you don’t have school, or if you’re looking for a great way to spend your free time, you’re going to love the area around Clarion. Not only are you within only a short distance from Pittsburgh and everything it has to offer, but you’re also located right in the heart of some beautiful country.

You’ll be able to get close to the Allegheny National Forest and explore the beautiful hiking trails, camping sites, or boat access sites. You’ll even have the ability to take out your ORV or snowmobile on some of the trails during different parts of the year, which means there are plenty of reasons to visit and enjoy the area.

There are many activities on the campus of Clarion University, and there are plenty of interesting things outside of campus as well. When you visit the area, be sure to take a campus tour of this great school.

If you are a prospective student, there is no doubt that you will find an interest here, and you will have fun at the same time.  Take the opportunity to become involved in a college sport or an extracurricular club or activity.  Clarion has much to offer both the individual student and the community that surrounds it. Consider what this alumnus says about Clarion:

“The overwhelming positive quality about the town of Clarion, the college, and the people therein remains the steadfast spirit and kindheartedness of the folks that live and work in western Pennsylvania. They are the salt of the earth, rightfully proud, hard working and…God’s special people.” Louis B. Dean, Jr.

Featured image courtesy of Clarion University of Pennsylvania


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