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Clarion University: American Education At Its Finest

Clarion University: American Education At Its Finest

Academic Life

Located approximately 80 miles from Pittsburgh, Clarion University is one of the best universities in the United States, offering over 100 academic programs that range from arts, education, and services, to business administration and health sciences.

There are even 19 different graduate level master’s and doctorate programs in nursing, education, rehabilitation, speech pathology, business administration, library sciences, accounting, computer sciences and communication. Students are encouraged to pursue their educational passions as well as extracurricular activities.


If you’re interested in the athletic programs, you can find a lot of options at Clarion. There are plenty of club sports, intramural teams and intercollegiate sports that you can participate.

Whether you’re interested in more unique or adventurous sports like equestrian, rugby, dodgeball or frisbee or more traditional sports like baseball, basketball, soccer or golf, both men and women will be able to find a team to join during their time at Clarion. You’re going to enjoy getting involved in these events whether it’s just for fun or for a more serious experience.

Extracurricular and Outside Activities

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While you’re enrolled at Clarion, you can get involved in a variety of different activities and fun events. Whether you’re looking for one-time events or ongoing special interest clubs and fraternities, you’re going to find them at Clarion University. There is also much to do beyond the Clarion campus.

One of those opportunities could be the Building Bridges Program, in which student participants work toward improving relationships between diverse groups by gaining a better understanding of cultural and ethnic differences within these groups.

Once you graduate from Clarion, you can continue your involvement with the university by becoming an active member of the Alumni Association. By joining the Alumni Association, you can stay in touch with your college friends, participate in alumni events, and assist students who are seeking advice as they prepare for graduation and seeking their first job.

You will also have the opportunity to network with other alumni for job opportunities through the Alumni Association Career Services. And you may enjoy working at various charitable events, such as “Party for a Purpose”.  There is an ongoing and active connection for all Clarion graduates through the Alumni Association.


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