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Check Out the 10 Most-Win College Football Teams In NCAA History

Check Out the 10 Most-Win College Football Teams In NCAA History

If you ever thought college football rivalries were big, you should check out some of the college teams with the most wins below.

Here, we outline the top 10 NCAA Division 1 College Football teams ranked from 10 to 1 by the most wins they have accumulated in their histories.

These are the teams with most controversial of coaches, the greatest of Heisman winners, the most legendary of college quarterbacks, the most brutally competitive of defensive secondaries…

These are the teams that have had the greatest traditions of guts, glory, and most importantly, an undeniable desire to win.

Spanning many decades of widely acclaimed football that has enraptured millions of dedicated fans, here are the top 10 most-win college football teams in NCAA history.

10. Penn State Nittany Lions (856 wins)

Penn State photo
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The Penn State Nittany Lions play college football for Pennsylvania “Penn” State University competing in the NCAA Division 1 football subdivision. They’re also a member of the Big Ten as of 1994.

The Nittany Lions have had two consensus national championships, one in 1982 and the other in 1986. They’ve also had three Big Ten championships in 1994, 2005 and then in 2008.

Playing games at Beaver Stadium, the second largest stadium in the western hemisphere and seating over 100,000, on campus at the University Park in Pennsylvania, the Lions have had 45 college bowl games with a record of 28–15–2.

Coaches have included Rip Engle, Joe Paterno, and Bill O’Brien. The current coach is James Franklin and the Lions have had their share of rivalries with teams like Michigan State for the Land Grant Trophy, Minnesota for the Governor’s Victory Bell, Pittsburgh for the well known Penn State–Pitt rivalry, and their rivalry with the Ohio State Buckeyes.

TRIVIA: Which coach had the worst season, losing the only game he coached and giving him a .000 winning percentage? It was John Hart, with the Oklahoma Sooners.

9. Harvard Crimson (857 wins)

Harvard Football photo
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The Harvard Crimson play NCAA Division I football at Harvard University. Known for hosting one of the oldest football programs in history, the sport has been played here since it started in 1873.

With 9 national championships and 20 Hall of Fame inductees, Harvard ranks as one of the highest winning teams in college football history.

Many know the Harvard Crimson for their rivalry with the Yale football team and this has been going on since 1875. Last year, Yale would help to lead the series 65-59-8. Notable players include Ted Kennedy who played in 1955. Coaches have included Henry Lamar, Arthur Valey, John Yovicsin, Joe Restic, and Tim Murphy.

Ready for the team with the longest winning streak? It’s #8 with 47 straight victories…


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