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Check Out America’s 10 Most Intelligent Mid-Size Cities

Check Out America’s 10 Most Intelligent Mid-Size Cities

6. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Birthplace of the beloved Fragel, Ann Arbor is home to the University of Michigan, the foremost research university in the United States. The University of Michigan – and Ann Arbor at large – is home to several research facilities and businesses.

Interesting fact: the University of Michigan alone employs more than 30,000 workers.

Ann arbor is heralded as Siemens First Center of Excellence For Intelligent Traffic Technology. The Siemens foundation will grant the city the latest hardware and software to help jumpstart intelligent transit technology. This will enable cloud-based software that will help circumvent traffic congestion, optimizing traffic flow.

Besides hosting a slew of vendors, the Ann Arbor farmers market tends to attract discussions that expand more on the direction of environmental activism and organic farming. Surrounding rivers and lakes offer spectacular views of shrubbery and waterways for kayaking and fishing.

5. Ames, Iowa

Ames Iowa photo
Photo by Oleg.

Lying about 30 miles from Des Moines, Ames is a midsized city located in Story County, Iowa. Ames houses one of the top science facilities in the country – Iowa State University of Science and Technology.

Iowa State has designed highly talented and skilled alumni like NASA astronaut Clayton Anderson, American inventor George Washington Carver, and 33rd vice president Henry A. Wallace.

Ames is known is one of the best college towns in the United States, with the rankings based off of affordability, city accessibility, culture, and diversity.

4. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Lebanon Pennsylvania photo
Photo by jmd41280

Lebanon is a midsized city that consists of about 25,000 people. The Lebanon school district is a public school division that caters to local residents via a primary, intermediate, and secondary school. Lebanon offers the rush of living in a city with rural charms. Wertz Candies, Lebanon Community Theater, and the Dreamscapes Water Gardens tend to be popular attraction sites for tourists and residents alike.


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