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Check Out America’s 10 Most Intelligent Mid-Size Cities

Check Out America’s 10 Most Intelligent Mid-Size Cities

8. Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham is the largest city in Whatcom County, in the state of Washington. Bellingham is routinely heralded and admired for its easy access to major outdoor activities including attraction sites like San Juan Island and the North Cascades. Many residents and visitors alike enjoy Bellingham’s stable oil prices and affordable airfare.

Fondly named the “banana boat of the Northwest”, Bellingham is a temperate place that tends to experience mild winters, especially when compared to other cities in the area.

The Ski to Sea race is a marathon that consists of snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biking, jogging, mountain biking, and kayaking. This 93-mile long multi-event competition is held every Sunday on Memorial Day.

7. Asheville, North Carolina

The 11th largest city in North Carolina, Asheville has a population of more than 83,000 people. Home of the United States National Climatic Data Center, Asheville is a city dedicated to the sciences.

The inclination for the sciences starts early, as Asheville High School is routinely ranked as one of the top 100 high schools in the United States by Newsweek. Black Mountain College, Mars Hill University, and the University of North Carolina at Asheville is also located in this community.

First established in 1883, Asheville started as a small rural town, and it is now a robust, midsized city that that is known for its mild weather, beautiful scenery, and higher education. Solar farm development is a form of renewable energy that Asheville strives to implement.

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