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Check Out The 10 Most Unusual College Majors

Check Out The 10 Most Unusual College Majors

7. Eco-Gastronomy

College: University of New Hampshire

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The University of New Hampshire launched its dual major Eco-gastronomy program in 2008 and is aimed to help students understand the process of food delivery from farms on to plates. Students of this sustainable program will study the entire food supply chain to understand the ecological and environmental impact of food that is finally served on the table.

Eco-gastronomy students from UNH will also learn about the hospitality industry in general with courses on agriculture, nutrition, service and much more included in classes for this major. Eco-gastronomy students also get to choose courses like ‘Health and Well Being’ and ‘Sustainable Food Production.’ Some students will even get the opportunity to spend a semester at Italy’s University of Gastronomic Sciences.

Some other programs include local harvest plans, organic garden clubs, and organic dairy farms. Eco-gastronomy majors have an opportunity to work in all kinds of food-related industries, whether in restaurants or hotels serving to the end consumer or in food processing and packaging industries.

Students can expect to earn on par with other professionals in the food industry, which should be over $30,000 for entry-level jobs.

6. Puppetry

College: University of Connecticut

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The University of Connecticut is well known for its puppetry program, which was first started by Professor Frank W. Ballard in 1964. Students of the puppetry program are taught to harness their creativity through several design and performance classes introduced by the university.

Students of the puppetry program can choose from different course credits like theater production, script analysis, vocal performance techniques, puppet performance, computer rendering for theater, drafting for theater and much more. Students also need to complete their degree with regular credits in math, science, social science, and history.

Graduates of UCONN’s puppetry program have gone on to design and produce celebrated puppet acts and drama productions across the world. If you’re looking to get into puppetry, you can do just about anything that is fun and creative for entertaining people. Potential employers include theaters, television shows, amusement parks, cinemas, films, and schools.

The approximate salary for a person engaged in puppetry is around $40,000. The sky’s the limit if you get your big break.

5. Adventure Education

College: Plymouth State University

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An Adventure Education degree from the Plymouth State University will show you how to use your education to teach others about the wonders of the great outdoors. You’ll learn how to manage children and adults during challenging adventures – and you’ll probably learn a thing or two about yourself in the process.

The Adventure Education program offers courses on leadership, professional growth, safety and challenges through field experiences and classroom work. Adventure Education students also learn about history, philosophy, ethics and risk management in relation to the field.

Adventure Education graduates may pursue livelihoods in outdoor adventures, outdoor education, environmental education, therapeutic adventure and much more. If you love being outside all the time, make a career from it! Expect to earn over $28,000 based on data from Payscale, but you could potentially earn a lot more once you have a firm footing in the industry.

4. Professional Fly Fishing Guide

College: Colorado Mountain College

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The professional fly fishing guide program offered by the Colorado Mountain College offers students the opportunity to pursue an eclectic career in fly-fishing. The industry has grown rapidly over the last few years with many operators offering year-round fly-fishing opportunities.

You will need to take courses like small business management, professional fly fish guide, aquatic entomology and outdoor leadership. Employment opportunities may be available with a number of fly-fishing operators across the country. You will also be provided with adequate skills to start your own business.

According to Simply Hired data, professional fly-fishing guides make over $59,000.



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