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Clarion University: American Education At Its Finest

Athena Rivera
Academic Life Located approximately 80 miles from Pittsburgh, Clarion University is one of the best universities in the United States, offering over 100 academic programs that range from arts, education, and services, to business administration and health sciences. There are even 19 different graduate level master’s and doctorate programs in nursing, education, rehabilitation, speech pathology, […]

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This Is the Best Downtown In the Midwest

Steve Elliot
Downtown Evanston, Illinois, has a high concentration of “creator” types, from artists and engineers, to technology designers and researchers. Downtown Evanston offers a safe and walkable environment that’s packed with entertainment options and small, sustainable businesses. With Northwestern University and gorgeous Lake Michigan views, culture galore, and social and economic diversity make Evanston the best […]

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How This Vermont City is Redefining the Meaning of “Green”

Eben Daugherty
The state of Vermont has always been at the forefront of environmental protection, and sustainability movements in the US. The state’s largest city Burlington has made major strides over the years championing green initiatives and setting a high benchmark for the rest of the country. One of the largest milestones is the city’s complete non-reliance on unsustainable energy sources. […]

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This is the Best College Town In The Midwest

Lana Pelly
Nestled in Mahoning County in the U.S. state of Ohio, Youngstown is bequeathed with charming waterscapes, plush greenery and scenic landscapes – characterizing a spectacular backdrop of topographical appeal and abundant natural beauty. This enchanting college town enjoys an optimal position, just 61 miles northwest of Pittsburgh and 65 miles southeast of Cleveland, making it […]

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The #1 Up-And-Coming Liberal Arts College

Athena Rivera
Berry College in Floyd County, Georgia is topping everyone’s list as the #1 up-and-coming liberal arts college and we can definitely see why. Known for being the largest contiguous campus in the country, with approximately 27,000 acres of forests, fields, and the beautiful Lavender Mountains, Berry College’s outdoor areas offer everything from hunting and hiking […]

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These Are the 10 Most Sublimely Beautiful College Campuses In America

Nikki Newman
From sculptures, to landscape, to architectural design, some of America’s college campuses have breathtaking views that are, quite simply, visually stunning. Some of the most gorgeous college campuses outlined in this article host avant-garde textures throughout their richly decorated buildings, chapels with storied architecture, performing arts centers embracing dramatic designs, and thousands of contiguous acres embracing the purest […]

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Ten Intriguing Facts About New England’s Most Iconic College Town

Lana Pelly
Several factors go into the creation of an exceptional college town, whether it is the community, the scenery, the sporting culture, the education, the fun or everything put together. Nestled in Hampshire County in the Connecticut River valley, Amherst is a celebrated college town with rich history and culture. This Western Massachusetts small town hosts […]

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Ann Arbor – Hands Down the Most Progressive College Town In the US

Alana Armstrong
Everyone thinks their college town is the best one. And while that’s highly subjective & the winningest factors are in the eye of the beholder, there are some measuring sticks available when we look at which college town is the most progressive. Is it located in a “blue” state? Is Women’s Studies a hot class and […]

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How This One Minnesota College Is Changing the Future of Liberal Arts Culture

Nikki Newman
If you’re looking for a top college that offers an ivy-league level education, is LGBTQ friendly, has a big go-green initiative and has been voted several times as one of the leading national liberal arts colleges, you may want to check out Macalester College, as they are changing the culture in what you would typically […]

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Here are the 10 Smartest Public Universities In the US

Jennifer Bruce
Deciding which public university is perfect for you can be an exceptionally challenging endeavor. The universities are constantly being ranked on everything: campus beauty, excellent facilities, powerful name recognition, students’ happiness and success of alums, world renowned facilities, professor & faculty prestige. However, the big question is: where should you go if you want to join the […]

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