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Where Can You Find America’s Finest Food Truck Cuisine?

Where Can You Find America’s Finest Food Truck Cuisine?

2. Pismo Beach, CA

Found in the Central Coast area of the state of California, Pismo Beach is home to a little less than 8,000 residents but still claims to be the Clam Capital of the World. Unfortunately, this reputation does not seem to be reflected by its five food trucks, which more than make up for it with their own particular specialties.

Haute Skillet Truck makes gourmet sandwiches as well as other gourmet dishes by using fresh ingredients from local services, which are sure to please those with a preference for something clean and refreshing. Meanwhile, Gusto on the Go Bistro offers a Californian specialty in the form of Californian vineyard cuisine.

KunFusion is interesting in that it makes East Asian foods with Portuguese flair, which is worth sampling for novelty if nothing else. Finally, Sapori d’Italia Italian Ice & Gelato lives up to its name by making authentic Italian ice and gelato, while Shaka Shak serves authentic Hawaiian shave ice.

1. Burlington, NC

Home to a little less than 50,000 people, the city of Burlington in the state of North Carolina features dozens and dozens of food trucks, which make it no coincidence that its series of Downtown-based Food Truck Festivals can always draw a crowd. With so many food trucks operating in the same city, Burlington residents are almost spoiled for choice when food trucks such as Baconessence, Bandito Burrito Truck, and Napoli Gourmet Pizza are serving Applewood smoked bacon, New American tacos and burritos, and authentic Neapolitan pizzas.

Summed up, food lovers should make sure to check out Burlington’s Food Truck Festivals to see the bewildering variety that is on display, which is sure to provide them with something that they will love.

Final Thoughts…

Of course, there are many more food trucks in these cities and in other cities throughout the United States. The list is so long, it’s impossible to name them all.

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to check out the trucks in your area. They normally post their schedules and routes on a website or Facebook page. But a word of caution before you go – also read the reviews for any food trucks you intend to sample. The experiences of other diners may help you avoid disappointment or just plain bad food.

By exercising this small amount of care and caution, you can make sure to have a good time and a good meal!.

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